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Community Manager and Space Manager Support Guide

Community is more than just a communication tool. It's an amazing feature that empowers you to create a vibrant, interactive space where your users can connect not only with you but also with each other. It's a place where ideas and thoughts are freely shared, fostering a sense of belonging and collaboration. With Community, you can build a thriving community that fosters open dialogue and sparks creativity.

This article is a guide that can introduce you to the Community and can be shared with Community Managers and Community Space Managers to assist with their training.

Community Manager Guide

Community includes Collections and Spaces

  • Spaces are areas within the community where users interact with one another. All spaces in the community belong to a Collection.
  • Collections are groups of spaces within your community.

A collection usually consists of one or multiple spaces that can be private or public. The main role of a Community Manager is to help organize the community structure in spaces and collections but also moderate community content and roles.

As the manager, on the first view on your dashboard, you will see the option for the Community and your Inbox (if enabled). If you navigate to Community, you can see the existing collections and spaces and have the option to check their settings, create new ones, or even delete them. You can also locate your mentions, replies, and all the posts created in course discussions.

Community Manager Capabilities

Community Manager is an administrative role, and by default, you can:

  • Manage community
  • Manage community spaces
  • Moderate community posts

Notification emails

As the Community Manager, you can also be notified about specific actions like:

  • New post
  • New comment
  • When a member reported a user
  • Member joining space
  • Member leaving space


  • Only admins can change notification settings and choose which emails will be sent to community managers.
  • If you wish your community managers to have the option to export a report with information about the community, you need to edit their user role and enable the Manage scheduled reports permission.

Space Manager Guide

Space managers can moderate their spaces and delete or edit all the posts included in their space. The available actions are: 

  • View/Edit/Post/Delete posts in spaces, and even pin the posts at the top of the space. Space managers are only able to View/Edit/Post/Delete posts in their assigned spaces.

Notification emails

As the Community Space Manager, you can also be notified about specific actions like:

  • New post
  • New comment
  • Member joining space
  • Member leaving space

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