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Reports Log page

The Reports Log page offers an overview of your scheduled reports and allows you to filter your school's reports for better tracking and monitoring.

Go to Reports Center Reports Log. Here you can filter your reports by Type and Date. Apart from all your Scheduled reports, you can also track your Sales & Users reports, User progress & User Segments reports.

In the main ribbon menu you can view the below available information:

  • All Reports
  • In Progress
  • Upcoming reports
  • Calendar view

Once your school has generated scheduled reports, you can track the Report title, the User who scheduled it, if the report is Completed, the Type of the report, and the Date the report was requested and delivered

Note: If for any reason, the report was not successfully completed, you can check the completion error under the Status tab.

You can also Download your reports, and if you hover over the Manage column next to a report, you can edit or delete it. 

Note: There is a limit of up to 20 reports per month.

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