What is FOMO? Humans are social creatures, and as such, we rely on a common knowledge pool to make decisions in times of uncertainty. Group thinking and social conformities are big parts of being accepted and decision making, and expert marketers use that to their advantage.

In simpler terms, social proof eases the mind of visitors into taking action without hesitation, resulting in increased conversions.

And here comes FOMO! Fomo is the best tool for Social Proof Notifications. It’s designed to increase conversions by showing off customer interactions taking place in your LearnWorlds school (such as user signups and course purchases). 

Your online school can benefit from adding Fomo to its arsenal of marketing tools, as it will give you a much needed advantage over the competition.

Fomo’s notifications will appear to new visitors letting them know of new registrations, course sales, earned certificates by your students and more! To make your life easier, we have already prepared some notification templates to start serving your visitors ;)  

Read along to see how you can integrate FOMO with your LearnWorlds school today:

1Sign up for a FOMO account.

And here is an extra treat from us: Sign up for a FOMO account via LearnWorlds here and get 50% off for your first month. 

2Go to "Settings" - "Integrations" - "Social Proof":



3Select the Marketing option and through the FOMO settings activate this wonderful tool in your school.



4Below, paste the API Auth Token copied from your FOMO Account.


Where should you find this token?Just follow the next steps! :)

4.1 By going then to fomo home page, choose your website and then click the edit button.

4.2 In the next page, scroll to the API Access section and copy the Auth token.

4.3 That token should then be pasted in your school’s Api Auth Token field.


5Go back again to your FOMO account now and click on the embed code button. That way you can see FOMO's embeddable code.


5.1 Copy the embeddable code.

5.2 Go to your LearnWorlds school and paste the code at the “Paste your embeddable code” section.

6Last but necessary..click Save and you are ready! :)


LearnWorlds syncs with FOMO


Let’s see now the ready-made message templates for your school created by LearnWorlds. These templates are transferred to the Templates page where you can find and select them.

These are the ready-made Notifications LearnWorlds has prepared for you. LearnWorlds, for each notification, creates the relevant template in FOMO and whenever a certain activity happens in your LearnWorlds school the appropriate event is registered in FOMO.

Activity in your school

What is this

FOMO template name

New User Registration

a new user registers in your school


New Lead

a new lead is collected


Product Bought

a new product is bought in your school


Enrolled Free Course

a new student was enrolled in a free course


Awarded Certificate

a student was awarded a new certificate


This kind of notifications can be activated or deactivated very easily.Just go to your school, choose Integrations, select the Marketing option and then check the boxes of the events you wish to activate or deactivate.


Don’t forget that in case you want to edit these notifications, you are able to do it by going to FOMO settings. Additionally, you can also edit each notification text, by editing the relevant template in FOMO. ;)

For more info about the use of FOMO kindly check this link http://support.usefomo.com/knowledge_base/categories/general-questions-40