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Best Practices: Using LearnWorlds

Discover the top tips on how to enhance your LearnWorlds Website Builder and Admin Dashboard experience, known for its user-friendly interface and ability to create visually impressive results effortlessly. 

Enhance your Admin Dashboard Experience

Dark more 

To activate dark mode, hover over My account and toggle the corresponding option. Dark mode not only minimizes eye strain but also offers a visually pleasing alternative to the standard light mode.

Search function

Navigate to the search function within your admin dashboard to access various tools, settings, courses, and pages within your LearnWorlds school (you can click on Ctrl + K or Cmd+K for a shortcut).

Learn more option

The Learn More button, available at the top of all of your admin setting pages, is designed to seamlessly link you to carefully curated resources from our extensive libraries. This feature guarantees that pertinent assistance is always within reach.

Enhance your Website Builder Experience

Work on a single tab

It's essential to stick to a single browser tab when editing to avoid inadvertently overwriting your own changes. The same applies to more than one person working on the same page from different devices.

Do not paste formatted text

We advise not to copy & paste text from another source without ensuring that the text is unformatted (i.e., when you paste text from Microsoft Word, the pasted text carries a lot of formatting rules). Although we do our tricks and remove most of the unnecessary formatting, there is a strong possibility that formatting rules may still remain in your text. The most secure way is to copy the text to a text editor first (for example, notepad, which automatically removes the formatting info) and then re-copy and paste the text into your page or copy the text you wish and paste it into your school with Ctrl + Shift + V for Windows OS and Cmd + Shift + V for macOS to paste the text without the formatting.


You can undo and redo your editing actions in the website builder and assessment/form editor. More specifically, this option is available for: 

  • Website builder - Edit pages
  • Website builder - Edit popup
  • Edit topbar
  • Edit footer
  • Assessment editor
  • Forms
  • Certificate editor
  • The Undo/Redo option is only available while editing a page or assessment/form; if you change the page title, you cannot undo this action via the undo/redo option.
  • The Undo/Redo option can also be used after saving a page or assessment/form if you do not leave the page you are editing.

Keyboard shortcuts

This article contains all of the keyboard shortcuts for certain actions, including the undo/redo functions.

Check your pages’ responsiveness

Right-click on a page (in preview or live mode, not in authoring) and then click on Inspect. Click on Toggle Device and select the screen size you want to preview your page on. You may find useful information on device authoring and scale here.

Pin the side form

You can easily pin the right and left sideforms to bring the entire page into view at the center.

Instantly trigger the login/signup form

You may be experimenting with adjustments to your login and signup form, eliminating the need for clicking a sign-in or sign-up button repeatedly. To check your changes:

  • Use this link https://{}/?msg=not-logged-in (by replacing with your school URL) to see the sign-in form.
  • Use this link https://{}/?msg=signup (by replacing with your school URL) to see the signup form.
  • Use this link https://{}/?msg=resetpassword (by replacing with your school URL) to see the reset password link.

Test your Changes

Testing a change (and especially when saving is needed)

You've got a fresh idea for one of your pages and you're eager to give it a test run! Instead of altering your live page, you can duplicate it and freely experiment with anything you like on the cloned version.

Testing a change on the topbar/footer of your school

On a cloned page, go to Page → Page properties and select a custom page topbar/footer for this test page. Work on the clone’s top bar without affecting the main school's top bar. Remember to delete the cloned page once you are done.

Incognito mode is God

Utilizing incognito mode is fantastic for viewing your school's website from the perspective of a logged-out user. Right-click on the browser icon on your computer’s taskbar, click incognito mode, and paste the live URL you want to see there. Alternatively, hit Ctrl + Shift + N for Windows or Cmd + Shift + N for Mac, and a new incognito window will pop up.

The live URL is not the same as the authoring URL. For instance, when authoring a page, the link can be like this: https://{}/author/pageseditor?page=home&from=sidemenu-edit-school-site, but the public URL is this: https://{}/home.

Test user account

Taking the incognito mode a step further, you can sign up to your school as a user and see the changes you are applying in author mode the way a user would.

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