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How to Migrate your Legacy Ebooks

We have released our new and improved Ebook learning activity, where you can create stunning ebooks with professionally designed activity templates, sections, widgets, and a dedicated theme explorer. You can find out more in this article.

If you are using our Legacy Ebook builder, although we have switched to a new environment, we have kept your Legacy Ebooks intact (please note that while legacy eBooks will be available, we will not offer support for any troubleshooting issues). We help you kickstart your migration to the new Ebook builder, where: 

  • The legacy E-book will be replaced with the new E-book environment. 
  • The User progress of your users will be transferred to the new Ebook environment.
  • Your users will keep seeing the legacy Ebooks until the migration process is completed.
  • You can take your time evaluating the new Ebook builder and even making edits to your content. However, no permanent actions will be taken before you complete the migration.
  • Your users' notes and highlights from the legacy Ebook will be saved in your user's wor pad but will not appear in the migrated Ebooks.

How to Visit the Legacy Ebook Environment

If you hover over a Legacy Ebook learning activity and click on Edit legacy Ebook, you are taken to the legacy environment. 

Saving any changes in the legacy environment rolls back to the legacy Ebook version. After the migration is complete, you will be editing the new Ebook and won't be able to access the legacy Ebook environment anymore for the migrated learning activity.

Migrate Ebooks

To migrate your Legacy Ebooks to the new environment:
1. Go to your created course. 

2. In the Course sections, hover over the legacy Ebook activities and click on Migrate to new Builder.

3. You will be redirected to the Ebook learning activity, where you can see: 

  • How the new Ebook will appear
  • Edit the Ebook by changing the text, and layouts, add sections and widgets

4. Once you are ready, click on Complete Migration for the process to begin.

Continue Migration

If you have started the migration but have not clicked on Complete Migration yet, you can also go back and complete it another time. A yellow banner appears next to the legacy learning activity, indicating that it is under migration, but the users still see the old Ebook until you finalize the process.

Hover over and click on Continue migration to be transferred to the new environment. Once you are ready, you can complete the migration as described above.

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