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How to Hide Section Numbers in the Course Player/Course Contents Section

The Course Player is a place where students feel like being in a classroom, watching all the e-learning material unfold right before their eyes. 

In this article, you can see how you can hide the section numbers from the Course Player and/or from your Course Contents section on the Course Layout page

Course Player

By default, the course section number is shown in the course player, right in front of each section's title:

To hide these numbers, navigate to Courses → Course Manager → select a course → Course Player tab and un-tick the Add numbers automatically in front of the sections' names option and click on Save.

You can anytime preview the course player and review the changes you applied.

Course Contents section 

You can also remove the course section numbering from the Course Content section.

1. Visit the Course Layout page.

2. Click on the Course Contents section to start editing it. 

3. In the right-side panel disable the Numbering, under Section Appearance.

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