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How to Set your School's Currency

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Every school uses its designated currency, typically aligned with its location or the location of its audience. This guide will walk you through the process of configuring your preferred currency during the creation of your school.

To set up your LearnWorlds school's currency, go to Settings → Financial → Currency. From the drop-down menu, select one of the preloaded currencies. By selecting a currency, all the prices set in your school will be automatically updated.

Apart from selecting your school's currency, you can also: 

  • Edit the Currency Symbol
  • Edit the currency format in terms of the Currency Sign Position (Currency symbol, ISO code, or both)
  • Edit the thousands and decimals Separators 
  • Preview any customizations made

These options will be reflected in all school areas affected, apart from the following areas: 

  • Report Exports
  • Any Variables available in your notification messages or Site Builder
  • Mobile Apps

- You can choose to display the Terms & Conditions checkbox to users as a prerequisite before buying a product.
-You can also offer a different currency that is not preloaded if your selected Payment gateway supports it. To do so, you can contact the LearnWorlds support team at

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