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How to use Sections to Organize your Course Content

In LearnWorlds it is super easy to Create your Courses and you don't have to be an expert to create a successful online course. You can create, host, and promote your online courses without any technical skills.

Course Sections & Learning Activities 

Each course is divided into sections, and each section can include learning activities

Sections allow you to better organize your course content and they are hugely important for giving you granular control over how you share your content. You can enable the timely release of your course section if you set the course delivery and choose to Drip feed your course sections.

Sections help you break down your course's content into smaller pieces and each section can have a title and status and hence can be set as a draft, soon, free, or paid to manage your courses better. For example, you can Offer Free Sections in a Paid Course.

Check out how to use sections and organize your courses below.

Add Course Sections

1. Create your Course and click on the Contents tab in your desired course.
2. Then you can:
a. Click on Add section
b. Alternatively, import a section from a different existing course, by following the steps in our respective article
c. You can also take advantage of our powerful AI assistant to create a section using AI (Artificial Intelligence). 

3. A new panel will appear where you can give a title to your section, choose the section Status, and click on Save.

Course Section Access Status

You can set the accessibility of each section in your course. These are the different statuses a course section can have and you can edit the status of your section whenever you wish.
This section is invisible to the users. It is the recommended status when your section is "under construction".
This section is visible to users on the course page but they cannot access the learning activities.
It is recommended when you want to keep your users up-to-date on future releases. You can also use this status for courses that you want to pre-sell (without having the actual content).
This section is visible and accessible to users even if they have not been enrolled in the course
It is the recommended status when the whole course is free or if you want to share a free sample of your course.  
This section is accessible only to users who have purchased the course. It is recommended for non-free courses.

Edit Course Sections

  • If you want to change the Title of a section, click on the title or hover over the section and click on the edit (pencil) button. 
  • If you want to change the Order of your sections, hover over the section title you would like to move up or down and click on the respective arrow.
  • If you hover over a section, you can Add a new one by clicking on “+” (plus) icon.
  • You can Copy, Paste, or Import a section, as mentioned in our respective article
  • To Delete a section, hover over the section title, and click on the delete icon.
  • To Change the order of your learning activities within a specific section or move them to another section, hover over the learning activity and when the drag n’ drop icon (cross with four arrows) appears, click on it and arrange the sequence of your learning activities as you wish.
  • You can start the section numbering from 00, instead of 01, by enabling the relevant setting under the Course Player tab.
  • Use AI to Rephrase a section or Suggest more learning activities

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