In some cases you may want to share or sell a course that you don't want to have listed in the catalogue of your online school (i.e. a Private course). For example, you may have a premium course that you want to make available only to a certain subgroup of your learners. Or you may have an extension/upgrade course that should be available for purchase only to learners that have finished a particular prerequisite course. Or even, you may want to give access to a course only to employees of a specific company and you don't want this to be visible to other members of your school. 

Using LearnWorlds' Private Courses it's super easy to implement such powerful scenarios.

Private courses are an option of LearnWorlds’ Pro Trainer plan or above, accessible only to users that have been explicitly enrolled to them.

Private courses remain hidden in your course catalogue, are not indexed in search engines and only learners that have been enrolled, can have access to them. But also, you can share the Private course's URL to your users in order for them to purchase that course or enroll themselves on their own if you want to give it as a “Free” course.

Here is how you can do it, by following a few easy steps.

1Login into your school in “Admin” mode and click on “Courses”.

2In this step you have to choose the Private course you wish to sell. You can't set a price in Private courses and normally these types of courses are not available for purchase. So in order to bypass the system and be able to sell the course, even though it is in private mode, you must choose your course, set is as Paid and then follow the steps provided to you in this article.

So, choose the Private course and change the type to "Paid" from the "Access" tab.

3Navigate to the “Pricing” tab and set any price you wish.

Click the “Save” button to Save it as "Paid".

4Now, click on the “Access” tab and set the course’s access as “Private” (in this way a Private course can have a price). Don’t forget to save your settings!

5Then you will need to redirect your users straight to the checkout page, in order for them to enroll to your Private course. The URL you should use will be (where is the URL address of your school) and the product id which will be the product id of your course.

You can find your course’s product id in the “Access” tab under you “Public URL”. You can find more information on how to find your course’s product id here.

That’s it! Now you can sell a private course without manual enrollment.

If you want to give free access to a Private course without manual enrollment, you must follow steps 1 - 4 and then create a 100% discount coupon that will then be attached to the checkout URL of the course.

1Click on the “Pricing” tab, scroll down to “Related Coupons” section and click on “Create Coupon”

2In the “Create Course/Bundle Promotion” menu that pops-up we will create a 100% discount coupon for the Private course you wish to share with you learners.

First choose a name for you new coupon.

3Choose the percentage % type of the discount and set it to 100%.

4Select the Private course that this coupon will apply to and click “Add Product”

5Then, you have to create one or more sets of actual coupon codes for this promotion.

  • add a coupon code (Note: Coupon codes are case sensitive so make sure your learners copy the code exactly as it is)
  • set the maximum number of times this coupon can be used
  • set an expiration date for the coupon

Don’t forget to save your changes!

You can find more information on how to create a coupon here. 

Then, you will need to share with your users the URL straight to the checkout page, in order for them to enroll to your Private course for free (the course has a price and with the 100% coupon code your users will enroll for free). The URL you should share will be like (where the "" is the URL address of your school, the "private-course-id" will be the id of your course and the "free-coupon-code" is the 100% coupon code.

In the end, the URL should be like this:

When the users visit this URL, they will be redirected to the "checkout page" of the Private course you wish to give out as free, where they can enroll on their own and no credit card information will be requested.

In this way, you can have paid or free Private courses and now you know how you can share them with your learners without having to manually enroll them! :)