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How to Structure your Ebook - Ebook Authoring

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When it comes to Ebook authoring, a well-structured Ebook ensures that your readers can easily navigate and digest the information you're presenting. In this article, we invite you to delve into the art of building compelling ebook content while harnessing the full potential of the authoring tools at your disposal.

Design Settings

You created your Ebook Learning Activity. To embark on your design adventure, navigate to the Authoring toolbar and click on the Design option. Within the Design section, you can find the: Theme Explorer, Typography, and Layout options. 

To begin, select the setting that aligns with your design goals. By doing so, you will open the appearance pop-up, where you can start designing the look of your ebook activity.

Theme Explorer

In the Theme Explorer, you have the power to customize key elements of your Ebook activity. You can effortlessly select the background color for the entire activity, define the width of content within sections, and even adjust the spacing between elements.


In Typography, you have control over essential elements such as line height and font sizes for headings (H1, H2, H3, H4), main text, and more. Notably, the font sizes are conveniently inherited from the Typography settings of the Sites Builder, ensuring consistency and coherence across your ebook learning activities.


In the Layout, you can add color, images, or SVG files as background for the sections you can define the height between sections, allowing for seamless transitions and a well-structured layout.

- The colors in the Theme Explorer tab, as well as in the Typography (headings, main text, etc.), are inherited from Site Builder's Theme Explorer settings.
- Once you have completed the customization, you can either click on Save (the tab will remain open) or Save&close (the tab will close after saving).
- You can always choose between saving as custom or global styles. Custom styles concern only one Ebook, while global styles will affect all existing and future Ebooks.

Ebook Widgets and Sections


We've got you covered with our collection of pre-made sections, designed to jump-start your Ebook creation process. Click on the +Add section button to explore and select a section that suits your needs. From there, you can customize the text, and even enhance the section's content by adding widgets. 


There is a range of new, dedicated widgets designed exclusively for our Ebook builder, such as Code Block, Ebook Heading, Ebook Main Text, Lists with descriptions, and Social feed (where you can add a community space in your courses), etc. These widgets have been meticulously crafted to enhance the functionality and visual appeal of your ebook. To add widgets, click on the plus icon (+) that appears around the section's elements.

You can author Ebooks using the AI assistant to save time and effort in creating your Ebook content by following the steps in this article

Sideform Settings

As you open the sideform of each section or widget, you will discover a realm of customization options that mirror those found in Website builder's sideform, such as the ability to change font (the available fonts from the Website Builder's Typography settings), add redirections on the Action's tab as well as add effects. 

For more detailed information on how to make the most of these section sidebar settings and unleash your Ebook's full potential, refer to the articles below:

How to Use the On-click Actions

How to Change a Section's Layout in a Click

How to Add Scrolling Effects to Your Pages’ Elements

Copy-Paste Sections and Widgets

In order to copy and paste all sections, you need to click on the Edit setting, select the Copy all sections option, visit the respective Ebook learning activity, again click on Edit setting and this time select the Paste all sections.

In case you would like to copy a single section, click on the section you wish to transfer to another Ebook activity, and then the sideform will appear, select the copy sideform setting, visit the other Ebook activity, by clicking on a section, the sideform will appear again in order to select the paste below sideform setting. If you wish to change the section's position press on the swap next or swap previous sideform setting. You can follow the exact same steps if you need to copy and paste a widget.

Fluid Editing Experience

At LearnWorlds, we are dedicated to simplifying your editing journey, offering an exceptional user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) in the authoring mode. Our goal is to make editing your content effortless and efficient.

With our fluid editing experience, you can enjoy seamless navigation, quick text conversions, and the ability to add new widgets, all at your fingertips, using just your keyboard. Here are the key areas covered by our fluid editing features:

1. Widget Navigation: Move among all widgets using keyboard arrows, ensuring a smooth editing flow.

2. Keyboard Shortcuts for Efficiency: Use keyboard shortcuts to streamline your editing tasks. Delete, copy, paste, and move elements with ease. You can even save your page or E-Book using keyboard shortcuts, allowing you to work efficiently and effortlessly. 

3. Intuitive Widget Addition: Experience the convenience of the Add Below feature, which allows you to add widgets quickly using an inline modal. Type the forward-slash (/), and the modal appears, providing seamless widget integration as you type.

For more information, you can read our relevant article.

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