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How to Create a Blog in your Online School

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In your LearnWorlds school, you can build a Blog where you can publish your content and voice your ideas, thoughts, and feelings. Blogging is great for marketing your school and building relationships that will facilitate your school's growth and bring more traffic to your site.

Blog Setup

1. When you first start, click on Website →   Blog →   Enable blog. Go to Edit website. You can also enable it by navigating to Website →  Design → Edit School Site → Site→ Blog setup.

2. Add a Blog Name.

3. Add a Blog Description for SEO purposes.

4. Copy the Blog RSS if you want to share your Blog Feed URL externally.

5. Edit your Blog Home Page which will display a preview of your Blog Posts.

How to Create a Blog post

1. Click on Blog → + Icon.

2. Choose a pre-made blog template or an empty one to start from scratch.

3. Add the post title, post description, post slug, and post image. 

4. Choose if you want to publish the blog post now. You can also set the Date Published. 


  • This date will determine the position of the post in the blog feed. However, this is not the date the post will be published.
  • The date format is affected by your School settings. Your selected option of the available Long date formats will be displayed in your blog posts.

5. You can add post categories (type the category and click enter) and the personal details of the post's author. 

6. You may find more details on how to manage your blog posts in this article.

Blog Home Page

To edit the Blog Home Page:

Navigate to Website → Blog and click on Blog Home Page.

Alternatively, navigate to Site Builder → Blog Setup → Edit Blog Home Page.

Add Blog Sections to your Pages

On the Blog Home page of your school, you can click on the +Αdd section and choose among the available Blog sections or build your own empty page section layout. 

You can also add a Learning Apps → Blog posts section that will display the latest news from the Blog.

Once you have inserted a Blog post section, click on Edit Blog Postcards to control the cards' appearance and settings. 

Share your Blog in the Topbar

We suggest adding a Blog Home page link at your school's topbar for it to be easily accessible. 

1. Edit Topbar → After Sign in/up view.

2. Click the Navigation buttons widget and add a new button via the plus icon +.

3. Give a name to your button (e.g. Blog Home Page).

4. Click on the pencil icon to edit it.

5. Go to on click actionApp → Blog from the drop-down menu. You can choose if the Blog Home page will open in the same or a new window.

6. Don't forget to click on Save & Close.

You have now created a navigation link in your (After sign-in/up) top bar for your Blog Home page that users can anytime click and get directed to your school's Blog.


  • If you disable the Blog, you will still be able to add/edit posts with admin permissions; however, your users will not have access to your blog.
  • With our Daily news App, you can also promote your Blog in the News Feed.
  • The LearnWorlds blog doesn't support a commenting functionality hence there is no possibility for the users to add comments, but mostly they can read your blog articles and have access to a great blog knowledge base. If you wish your users to interact and add comments, you can take advantage of the LearnWorlds community.

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