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How to Communicate with the Users within your School

Communicating with the users in your LearnWorlds school is crucial for increasing engagement and improving learning outcomes. Providing consistent updates, explanations, and support helps maintain learners' motivation and progress. Additionally, effective communication facilitates prompt resolution of inquiries or issues, enhancing the overall learning experience and increasing satisfaction with your programs.

In this article, we present all the different ways you can communicate with your users on LearnWorlds


Social Networks are the key to every new business or product. Making your students feel that they are part of a community where they can communicate, be guided, or stay updated on your school’s news can be beneficial. That is why in LearnWorlds, we offer a built-in Community where you can empower your strong community of users and allow them to be bonded and actively involved in the school. 

You can choose if you wish to offer a Community and manage the Community access settings by navigating to Settings → School settings → Community access. To locate your community, navigate to Communication → Community.

Course Discuss tab

Depending on your school's Community Access Settings, you may enable Course Discussions for each course or for each course’s learning activity. You can also allow the course discussion content to be published in the Community, allowing anyone to comment on posts.

The course discussion tab is not only a socializing tool within your school’s community, but it can also become a strong tutoring tool as it allows instructors to answer questions and exchange ideas within the course.

You can find out more about your school's built-in Community in this article.


You have the ability to communicate with your users through inbox messages, in addition to automated emails and notifications triggered by specific events like registrations and enrollments, as well as the option to send emails to your users in bulk.

Navigate to Communication → Inbox to access your inbox, read messages, and send new ones. To send a new inbox message, click on New message and choose the user by adding the @ symbol and the first few letters of the user's name. 

You can also navigate to Users → All Users, hover over the 3 dots on the user you wish to contact, and click on Send message:

You can find out more about your school's inbox in this article.

Mass Email Users

Using the Mass Email functionality, you can send emails in bulk to your users directly from your LearnWorlds School. This tool streamlines the process of applying specific filters and reaching out to a sizable group of users who match the defined criteria.

To start the process of creating and sending emails in bulk, navigate to Communication → Mass emails and click New email.

You can find out more on how to use the mass email functionality in this article.

Email Integrations

If you would like to mass email your learners or a group of them, you can use an email marketing integration in order to sync your contacts and mass email your learners. Tags can be of great help to that too!

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