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How to Create and Analyze Surveys Using Google Forms

You can add an anonymous survey to your course by using Google Forms, and your users can answer your survey right from within the Course Player.

You can also create a Form with a large variety of question types to receive feedback from your users using our built-in robust Form Builder. Check the detailed steps in this article.

1. Create your Google form.

2. Navigate to the course you wish to add your form and add an External learning activity.

3. Find your Google Form, and on the top right, click Send.

4. Select the second option (Link) and copy the URL

5. Paste it into the field in the learning activity and save your changes.

Note: You can also copy the Embed HTML link of the Google Form and create an embed learning activity. The main difference is that the Theme template of the Google Form (e.g. Header Image and colors) will not be visible in the course player. 

Automatically Populate the Users' Information to the Google Form

You can automatically populate user information in the Google Form, such as email address, username, or the course on which they are filling the Google Form. This is useful if you want to ask your users for their feedback.

1. Select the three dots on the top right and then Get the pre-filled link: 

2. In the new tab that opens, your form can be filled in. You can add variables that will populate the user's information from the LearnWorlds platform to the Google Form. The available variables are: 






For instance:

Scroll down and click on the Get link option and then Copy Code. The link will look something like this:,+%7B%7BCOURSE_ID%7D%7D

3. You will then need to replace every %7B occurrence with a curly bracket { and every %7D occurrence with a } bracket. The link will now look like this:{{USER_EMAIL}},+{{COURSE_ID}}

4. Paste this link into an external link learning activity.

The user's information (in this case, the email and the course ID) are automatically populated in the Google Form and will be included in the Responses you will receive. 

Showcase your Users' Feedback on your Pages

In case you want to collect some user feedback which you can then demonstrate for the world to see, you can choose the course where you would like to insert a quote/testimonial and add a Persons & Quotes section anywhere you want on the course layout/description page.

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