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How to Create an Admin Account

Having several Admin accounts can be very handy for larger training organizations that need to distribute the workload among their staff. Αdmin accounts have full control over the whole platform, so should only be given to people you trust. 

To create an Admin account:

1. Navigate to Users  All Users

2. Scroll down your users or search using filters to find the desired user account.

3. Hover over the three dots under Manage and click on Make admin.

4. In the pop-up message that will appear, confirm the change by clicking on Change.

LearnWorlds admin account VS admin account

You might notice our logo on a single admin account of your school: 

This indicates the LearnWorlds Admin account of your school, which is under the email address you used to create your trial. The difference from the rest of the admins is that the LW admin is the only account that can manage and authenticate the Zapier integration

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