The Users page allows you to see and manage all users in your school.  You can search for users by name, filter their records by course or by date, manage their courses, see the last login and registration date, change their emails and passwords, import users, or export them for further processing.


Users page

Click on Users -> All Usersto access your Users page. You can filter the records by Courses, Dates, Users (including Admins, Affiliates, and Instructors), and by User tag and export the user report in an excel or CSV format. You are also able to manually Add a user to your online academy. 

However over Manage, on any of your users to reveal additional user management options:

User icons

To identify the roles of the users in your online school, consult the following icon descriptions. These icons appear next to the user's name. 

Admin account

The LearnWorlds logo on a school admin indicates the LearnWorlds admin account of your school. 

Suppose your users have signed up using Social Logins (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google). In that case, the respective icon will also appear on the users' image.  

User Card

You can track every user's basic information, watch their progress inside your school, and make notes and check out their payments. Click on a learner's name to make appear the side form.

1 You can check out the total Study time, the number of enrolled courses, and the average score.

2In the Profile tab, you can see the user tags, the badges awarded, and take notes that will help you personalize your relationship with your users.

3 In the Course tab, you can see all of the user's enrolled courses and the user's progress on the courses.

4 In the Activity tab, you can see a record of your user's recent activity. 

5 In the Payments tab, you can see a record of your user's payments. 

6 In the Attribution tab, you can see the First/Last click attribution (UTMs) of your user.

Note: For the first click, the first time the visitor lands at your LearnWorlds school and for the last click, the previous page they visited right before they sign up if they signed up, are tracked.

In the Advanced Search tab, you can add filters for your users' more in-depth search, available to Learning Center and High Volume plans.

Bulk Actions

On your All Users page, you can multiple-select users and perform bulk actions. 

Learning Center plan: Multiple selections and bulk actions are available

Pro plan:  Bulk Actions available are: Add and Tag users

Starter plan: Bulk Actions available are: Add and Tag users

Trial: No access to bulk actions

Multiple Selection

You can select multiple users to perform specific actions on your Learners page, such as Enroll and Unenroll from a course, suspend or delete the users.

Bulk actions via a File

You can find more information on the bulk actions offered, in our relevant article.