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How to Migrate your Legacy Assessments

If you are an existing customer and already using the Legacy Builder, you can migrate your Legacy Questionnaire learning activities to the new Assessment environment. The Legacy Questionnaires are:

In order to migrate the Legacy Questionnaires to the new Assessment Builder:

1. Go to Courses and find the created course.

2. In the Course sections, locate the Legacy Questionnaire.

3. Hover over the activity to locate the Migrate button.

When you click on the Migrate button you will get transferred to the new authoring environment where you cannot add more questions but you can edit and modify the existing questions accordingly. 

4. Once you assure that everything appears as desired with your questions you can complete the migration by clicking on the Replace Old Assessment button on the top right corner.

The migration process does not affect the already enrolled students and their course progress.

You can also go back and complete the migration another time. The learning activity turns yellow, meaning that it is under migration but the users still see the old assessment until you finalize the process.

  • If you click on Edit questions or Settings you are taken to the legacy environment. 
  • Saving in the legacy environment rolls back the assessment to the legacy version. 
  • You can click on Continue migration to be transferred to the new environment and, once you are ready, you can complete the migration as described above.
Keep in mind that you cannot add new/extra questions to a legacy questionnaire before completing the migration process. After the migration is completed you can fully edit the unit within the new Assessment Editor.

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