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General Overview: Assessments and Certificates

Are you an existing customer but do not see the new Assessment Builder yet? Don’t worry we expect to release it to everyone by the beginning of July. 

With our assessment and certificate builder, you can create examination tasks with advanced or simple scoring in order to evaluate your users' progress, as well as grant certificates with custom fields to reward their efforts. 

Exam (Graded Assessment)

It's a formal test that can include multiple-choice questions, multiple-choice with multiple answers, questions that require short answers, open-ended questions that require manual grading from admins or instructors, and file assignments. You can set a basic score, or use our advanced scoring system to grade your users and distribute the scores. Don't forget to view the grades in your School's Gradebook and if you have inserted assignments or file assignments as questions, those can be graded under the Assignment tab.


  • The file assignment option is available on the Pro Trainer plan or higher. 
  • You can either select a template to start from scratch or start from a premade template that can be further customized (Text Assignment, File Assignment).

Self Assessment (Non-Graded Assessment)

It's an informal test that can facilitate the revision of a particular lesson or help to store feedback in your school for survey purposes. You can add multiple-choice questions, multiple-choice & multiple answers, or questions that require short answers. Scoring is not available in this type of assessment, and users can get immediate feedback for their responses. To view the responses, you can click on the "Responses" button. 

Note: For survey purposes, as an alternative, you can also use our Forms (available in the Pro Trainer plan or higher).

Graded SCORM Package

Graded SCORM packages are an enhancement of our SCORM learning activity option, that allows you to integrate Score and Pass/Fail results from SCORM into your Gradebook

Certificate (of knowledge)

The Certificate (of Knowledge) is a learning activity that allows you to combine a graded assessment (Exam) with a Certification. It is an exam that, if passed, leads to the award of a formal certificate. Custom certificate templates are available in our Pro Trainer plan or higher.

Certificate of completion

The Certificate of Completion can be added at the end of a course and awarded to users based on specific completion requirements. For example, it will be awarded once the user successfully completes all questionnaires or all the learning activities of a course. Custom certificate templates are available in our Pro Trainer plan or higher.

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