Certificate (of knowledge) vs Certificate of completion

Among these two types of Certificates, the left one is called Certificate of Knowledge (or simply a Certificate). Before allowing your users to issue their Certificate, they first have to pass one final exam specifically created for this purpose and they are then rewarded with this certificate.

The other one is called Certificate of Completion and learners can get it by simply going through your course learning units or getting a passing grade in all your examinations.

Now that you know their main differences, let’s see how you can create a Certificate of Completion.

Certificate of completion

1 Go to the course where you want to add the Certificate of completion and add a new Certificate of Completion unit in the relevant section.

2 Once your new Certificate of Completion unit has been created click on the “Settings” button right next to it.

3 In the side-form that shows up, specify the requirements that learners must meet in order to get the certificate of completion (Either by completing the questionnaires only or all the learning units).

4You can also choose whether or not users will be able to share their certificates on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

5Click the "Add certificate" to upload your pdf certificate and Save your changes.

And there you have it, your first certificate of completion!

This is what your learners will see as soon as they complete all the requirements for the Certificate of completion. They simply have to insert their name...

...and claim their certificate.