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How to Allow Users to Highlight and Share Text/Take Notes in Ebooks

In an ebook learning activity, users can highlight the text, make notes, add stars, or comment on social media for a particular part of the text. To learn more about Ebook Authoring, click here.

To enable the Learner Tools:

1. Navigate to your created Ebook.

2. At the authoring toolbar, hover over the Ebook → Learner Tools.

3. Enable or Disable the tools you want between highlighting, note-taking, and discussion sharing.

When the user is on the Course player, the Ebook panel will appear when the user marks a specific text.

Highlighted text and notes can be removed by right-clicking the corresponding text and choosing Delete.


The first three buttons of the Ebook panel can be used to highlight text in yellow, red, or blue. 


Users can add notes on Ebook’s text by clicking on the small notepad of the Ebook panel. 


Text can be directly shared with co-learners in your course's Discussion by clicking the social icon in the Ebook panel. Users can comment on or edit the selected text before sharing.

4. When users revisit the Ebook learning activity, they will be able to see their highlighted text and notes. 

In case you want to completely hide the Learner tools from all of your ebooks you can do it through the Custom Code. All you need to do is go to your Custom Code in the <style> Dynamic (CSS) and insert the following snippet:

 /* LW CSS - hide highlights */
.lw-ebook #pageTools .tools-panel-container {
    display: none;
/* end LW CSS - hide highlights */

- You can allow users to copy content from your Ebooks, by enabling the option under School Settings → Copyright Protection.
- Highlights and Notes are not available in Mobile apps.
- Learner tools are not supported on touchscreen devices.
- Highlights and notes are only visible by revisiting the Ebook activity. For legacy Ebook users, only the highlights and notes of the legacy Ebooks will appear on your Best Resources page. 

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