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How to Deal with Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) for Secure Payments

What is SCA?

Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) requirements for online payments took effect within the European Union on September 14th, 2019.

Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) is one of the requirements of PSD2, the second Payment Services Directive, which requires authentication for online payments. By adding an extra step for authentication, SCA aims to reduce fraud and make online payments more secure.

SCA applies to all online transactions where the payment processor (e.g., the Stripe or PayPal account through which you accept payments) and the card Issuing Bank is from the European Economic Area (EEA).

When Strong Customer Authentication is required for a customer's credit card, during checkout, in addition to the usual credit card number and CVV code, they will have to provide more evidence that they are the legitimate owners of the credit card.

Typically, this involves showing an authentication page to the customer. Customers are then prompted to enter a password associated with the card or a verification code sent to their phone.

Please note that you cannot disable or control this feature in any way. The implementation and additional security measures required for transactions are determined by the bank that issued the credit card. While some low-value transactions may not require additional authentication, it's advisable to assume that all transactions will require some form of authentication. 

How to edit the SCA-related email

The SCA-related email requesting the end-customer to authorize payment to your school will be sent automatically by the LearnWorlds platform for failed transactions when it comes to subscriptions and/or installments (not for one-off payments) if for some reason the banks do not approve it. 

In order to edit the email, navigate to Communication → School emails → SCA-related emails.

We highly advise enabling this email feature as failure to do so could result in your customers being unaware that their payments to your school are not being authorized by their bank. The intent of this email is to serve as a reminder that a transaction is pending and authorization is necessary to maintain access to your school's courses and content.

How to edit the SCA-related text

The popups used for the SCA contain some text that you may customize. LearnWorlds already provides the default English text. However, if your school has a different language setup, you may want to translate those strings to your language of choice. 

To edit the SCA-related text, navigate to Settings → School Settings → Site Language. While the Account option is selected in the dropdown menu, you can translate the highlighted 7 strings.

You can also select the Payments option from the drop-down menu and translate the last 6 strings, which are SCA-related. 

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