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How to Build your Own Layout

The Website builder offers a wide range of pre-designed templates created by professional designers and developers, providing a strong starting point for building your web pages.

While these templates ensure both visual attractiveness and functional coherence, you also have the flexibility to design your own custom layouts for your school's pages. 

To create a Custom section:

1. Go to Website DesignEdit Website.

2. Choose the page you want to edit from the Pages Manager.

3. Click on +Add section.

4. Click on Build Your Own Layout and choose the layout according to the desired percentage of each column.

You can also re-order your columns. Click on Edit Columns and drag and drop them in the Sideform.

In order to add more columns, click on +Col. The new column will be according to the percentage of the currently first one in the row. This would also help to create even more customized layouts like the following.

Once your columns are ready, you can add any widget of your choice by clicking on +Add widget.

You can further edit the respective column. If you select to Build your Layout for the widgets as well, you can divide each column by new percentages repeatedly.

This way, the possibilities are endless for the layouts you can create!

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