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How to Create In-App Purchases for the Android Mobile App

To enable your users to purchase your courses from within your Android Mobile App, you will need to make sure to set up the in-app purchases associated with your app correctly.

Adding your payment details and taxation information

If you have not set up your payment information please follow the below steps first:

1. Navigate to Setup → Payments profile and click on Create payments profile.

2. Click on Create payments profile and then fill in your business details and add a primary contact.

3. Complete the Public merchant profile information.

4. Click on Add Payment Method.

5. Fill in your Payment details and click on Save.

Set up your App to receive In-app purchases

In order to set up your App to be able to receive In-app purchases, complete the following steps:

1. Head over to Google Play Console → All Apps.

2. Select your LearnWorlds App from the list.

3. On the left side menu, scroll down to Monetize.

4. Select Monetize → Products →  In-App products.

5. In the upper right, click on Create Product.

6. Insert the Product ID and its details as well as the price. 

To find the product ID of your course you need to navigate to the course Settings tab:

Pricing Tiers: Depending on your app’s language, there are different pricing tiers that apply. You can find all the necessary information here.


  • If you have translated the app listing to multiple languages, Google will transform the price to the local currency. For the languages it has not been translated for, the primary language will apply. 
  • In-app purchases are for one-off payments for courses only, while subscriptions and bundles cannot be purchased through the mobile app.

7. Click on Activate, and you have successfully created the in-app purchase!

Note: After adding the in-app purchase, it will take some time for the course to display in the app.

Fill in the rest of the fields with valid information about the specific product. The currency in which the in-app purchase will be initially set is dependent on the country of the payment profile that was previously set up.

Attention! After creating the in-app purchase you should make sure not to delete it because Google does not allow the same product ID to be added in another in-app purchase (even if the other one has been deleted). It is mandatory for the product ID to match your course ID, thus you should make sure not to delete but only edit the in-app purchase upon creation.

Finalize the process

To finalize the process, head over to the Google Play Console and access the Settings tab. 

Head over to  Developer Account → Payments Profile and Insert your payment method information to receive future payments.


  • It is feasible to add courses after the Android App is live. Free Courses appear with no additional setup. Paid courses will need to be set up as In-App Purchases to be available from within the App.
  • In order to offer free sections in a Paid course, the specific course will need to be added as an In-App purchase. Once the course is added, the users will be able to view the free sections before purchasing.

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