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How to Import/Export Site Templates (Site Flavors)

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Whether you are an educator seeking to replicate a successful school structure or a course creator eager to share your expertise with others, exporting a site template can streamline the process. Site Templates/Site Flavors allow an administrator to safely create an alternative version of a school’s site in just a few clicks. 

Exporting and importing site templates allows you to easily duplicate your best template designs, save time by importing proven and functional templates, and broaden creative possibilities through template sharing.

In this article, we will take you through the step-by-step process of exporting a site template from your LearnWorlds school or adding an already exported Site flavor to your LearnWorlds academy. 


You have the option of exporting a site template you have created in your school, and then using the file for another school you own or even distributing it to other educators. In order to export your Site Template, navigate to Site Builder → Site Flavors and click on Export site flavor

In the popup that appears you can choose:

  • The template you want to export and filter through your courses, bundles, or subscriptions.

    You can only export a template created in a Course, Bundle, or Subscription page or the default course/bundle/subscription pages created by the LearnWorlds designers.
  • Export any embedded and linked Marketing forms (only the forms that are either embedded or linked (on buttons and other widgets) in the exported site template). 
  • Funnels (All funnels, irrespective of whether they are connected to the site flavor exported).
  • Popups (All popups, irrespective of whether they are connected to the site flavor exported).
  • Export the site flavor's Custom Code and Pages Custom Code.

After the process is completed you will see a confirmation popup that the .zip file has been downloaded.


  • The confirmation message will only appear to the admin account that requested the export.
  • When a file is large, it will be downloaded asynchronously. In some cases, a few minutes will be needed for the action to be completed.
  • “Site template default” refers to the course/bundle/subscription layout page the site template used to build the site flavor offers (namely the design built by the LearnWorlds designers). However, you can select to use another course/bundle/subscription page to be included in the exported file. 
  • If the exported funnels/popups contain forms, these forms will be downloaded as well.


You can also import the already exported Site flavors to your LearnWorlds school. You might want to add templates you have created and exported from another school you own or from another admin. 

In order to import Site templates, navigate to Website → Manage Site Flavors and click on Import Site Flavor. You will then need to add the file name your Site flavor, and upload it.

After the process is completed a confirmation popup will appear on your screen.

- The Import and Export can be done only by Admin user roles with the Manage site settings permission.- All LearnWorlds plans have the option of exporting a Site template, however, importing is according to your Site flavor limitations based on the LearnWorlds plan.

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