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How to Customize the Bundles Page - Bundle Sections

For every created Bundle, you can click on the Edit bundle page, to be redirected to the respective Bundle page. You can also find the Bundle page at your Pages Manager.

There you can further edit and customize the Bundle page by either adding sections or inserting widgets for creating your own unique custom Bundles page.

For every public bundle created, a relevant section from the Products section category can be utilized and added to any page for promoting the bundle. The different types of cards are the Bundle Hero, Bundle Courses, Bundle List, Bundle Offers, or Bundle Data.

For this Bundle Page - Bundle Hero

Each bundle plan has a default bundle page, that includes an automatic Enrollment section, under the For this Bundle Page section category. 

The Bundle Hero/Courses/Offer sections are available only for the specific bundle page and cannot be copied or added on any other School Page, in comparison with the Bundle Courses/List/Offers/Data templates, that were earlier mentioned. You just need to navigate to the respective Bundle page and click on +Add section  For this Bundle Page and add the section you desire.

Bundle Courses

On any page, you have the option to promote Bundles along with a list of the included Courses. In order to add such a template, navigate to the Products Section, and then pick a template under the relevant option.

Choose which Bundle to promote and change the layout if you wish.

Note: Private courses are not displayed in such Public templates, but will be available when the user has purchased the product.

Bundle List

If you would like to promote a List of available Bundles, navigate to the Products Section, and pick a template under the relevant option.

Choose from Show Bundle which products to include in your List, and even change the layout from the Card option.

Bundle Offer

You can attract more users to your Bundles by offering a coupon code! Navigate to the Products Section, and choose a Bundle offer section.

Choose from Bundle which product to promote, adjust the Description and add your offer and coupon codes (or any other offer).

Bundle Data

If you want to provide more detailed information regarding your bundle, the Bundle Data template includes a variety of information! To add such a template, navigate to Products, and pick a template under the relevant option.

After choosing a Layout and clicking on the Data, you can toggle on/off the Visible info, and pick a Style for the Columns.

Note: After adding a section to your page, you may want to make alterations to the section's general settings, actions, and layout settings in the Sideform.

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