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How to Create a Course Bundle

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You can create a bundle of courses with a special title and description and offer it at a special price. This provides flexibility in promoting your courses and makes it easier for your users to buy several courses at once.

To create a Course Bundle:

A. Go to Marketing Bundles.

B. Click on the Create bundle.

In the panel that pops up, you can:

1. Fill in the Bundle name (only Latin characters are supported), provide a Bundle description, and add a Thumbnail Image.

Make sure to insert the correct Bundle name, as the bundle URL will be derived from the name (and cannot be altered later).

2. Expand the courses drop-down list to select two or more courses that will be included in your Bundle. Each time you select a course, click on Add Course.

3. Set the Bundle's Discounted price.

4. Select if the Bundle will stay in a Draft mode and hence not available to purchase, or set it as Public to make it available to your users.

5. You can specify the order in which your Bundles will appear in your Bundle section.

6. Set the After purchase navigation. You can decide where a user would get directed after purchasing your bundle product. You also have the possibility to apply the after-purchase navigation setting to all your Bundles by clicking on Apply to all.

7. To finish the process, click on Save.

Each Bundle has its own default Bundle Section, which you can later customize and promote on your Courses Page. You can find more information in this article.

Back to Marketing → Bundles, for every created Bundle, you can click on the Edit bundle page, to be redirected to the respective page, Edit Properties to edit the bundle itself, or Delete Bundle. Click on the corresponding buttons that appear when you hover your mouse under Actions.


  • If you wish to sell your courses only as Bundles but not individually, navigate to this article.
  • If you wish to sell your Bundles via installments, check this article.
  • If an admin updates a Bundle (adds or removes courses), already registered users will not be synced to the changes and will need to be enrolled again. If you prefer the product to be Synced, you can check out the Subscription Model.
  • If a course is part of a Bundle and you decide to delete this course, make sure first to remove it from the created Bundle. 
  • Free courses cannot be added to Bundles (unless you add them first with Paid Access and then convert them to Free).
  • Bundles are not available in Mobile apps. 

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