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How to Manage Failed Payments and Customer Emails in Stripe

If you have integrated Stripe as your Payment Gateway, then the following Notification Emails will be sent to your users (if enabled):

  • When a subscription trial starts.
  • When the subscription trial ends in three days: You can send your users a notification mail three days before the end of their subscription trial.
  • When a subscription trial ends.
  • When a user subscribes: When a user makes a new subscription, you can send them a thank you mail.
  • When a subscription is renewed.
  • When a subscription is canceled.
  • When a subscription fails to be renewed.

For any additional emails, such as failed attempts, you can adjust the settings via your Stripe Account externally. 

Stripe is a 3rd-party tool, and the interface (or settings) can change anytime without notice. We do not have control over the changes that may occur.

For example, a user may have subscribed to an installment plan, but their card got expired, or they have insufficient funds. To alert the user on time, you can further enable more email reminders via your Stripe account:

1. Navigate to Stripe Settings → Subscription and Emails.

2. Under Prevent failed payments, you can enable the "Customer Emails" → "Send Emails about upcoming renewals" option.

  • If you want to prompt users to visit their account page to update their payment method, you can enable the "Send emails about upcoming renewals" option and add your school's URL & the account page at the end of the link (for example,
  • If you want to remind users about their expiring cards, you can toggle on the "Send emails about expiring cards" option.

By clicking on the eye icon "Preview Email", you can further customize those emails.

3. You can also adjust how many attempts the system can make to collect a failed payment (when the user has an active subscription or an installment plan).

  • You can add or delete retry attempts on the Retry Schedule settings.
  • To enable customer emails, toggle on the "Send emails to customers to update failed card payment methods" option.

For any further inquiries on how to customize those emails, you can also contact Stripe's Support Team or visit their support article here.

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