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How to Allow Users to Pay without a PayPal Account

With PayPal Express, the default behavior is set to ask customers to login into PayPal (or create a PayPal account of their own). If you want users to be able to directly add their credit card info and pay you right away, you need to make the following change in your PayPal account to allow Guest payments.

-In some countries, even with a Business account, PayPal will require your customers to pay using a PayPal account. To confirm this, please contact your local PayPal support team. 

- This function is only available if you have linked your credit card to your PayPal account.

1. Login to your PayPal account on

2. In the top right corner, click on your settings icon.

3. Select Account Settings from the top bar and click on Website payments

4. Click on Update next to Website Preferences.

5. From the list of website payment preferences, toggle on the PayPal account optional.

When the account optional feature is turned on, your buyers don't need a PayPal account to pay with PayPal. They use an alternate checkout and have the option to sign up for a PayPal account after making their payment. Customers with PayPal accounts still log in to their PayPal accounts to check out.

 -If both the auto return and account optional features are turned on, buyers who don't log into PayPal can choose to go back to your website after checkout but aren’t returned automatically.

-Make sure that Auto-return is set to Off.

-Set the Payment data transfer setting to Off.

-In the Block non-encrypted Website Payments section, select Off.

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