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How to Edit your School's Footer

The LearnWorlds Site Builder provides a plethora of features enabling you to craft visually stunning pages, from the top bar to the footer. A well-designed footer is an important part of a successful school website, as users are likely to have various reasons to scroll down and engage with the content located in the footer of your pages.

The Footer is the last part of all your school's pages and serves navigational and informational purposes for your audience. You can find more information about the pages' structure here. You can include in the Footer the social icons, the copyright notice, the company info, the contact details, etc. To edit your school's Footer:

1. Go to  Website → Design →  Edit Website and select a page.

2. Scroll down on your page and click on Edit School Footer.

3. Click on Footer Settings to change the layout, the position of the widgets, the background color, or the image. You can always add additional columns/widgets.

4. You can also add animation from the Actions tab, and change its width or add a border from the Layout tab. 

  • If you want to use animations on an element simply follow the steps in this article.
  • If you want to add links to your footer you can follow the steps in this article.

5. Don't forget to click on Save or Save & Close, otherwise, your changes will be discarded. 

You may want to create a different Footer for Smartphones, Tablets, or Desktop Devices, with different content and columns. To achieve this, click on the Device Authoring settings and choose a Device. Scroll down the page and click on Edit School Footer, to customize your footer.

Note: For more information on how to edit pages on different Devices, check this article.

Social Links

The best place to promote your social links is in the Footer. To do so, choose a layout that includes Social Logins in order to edit them.

1. Click on Edit Social Links.

2. You can change the Appearance of the social links and the Alignment of the social links.

3. You may enable/disable the social icons and add an On click action. E.g if you wish to connect your Facebook account you should choose the Social link  Facebook

Note: For the footer social icons to be functional it is important to fill in the social details of your school. Go to Settings School info Social details where you can fill in e.g. the Facebook page URL for it to get enabled as the social link in your Footer.

An alternative would be to choose an On-click Action  URL and manually paste the relevant social URL you wish to promote (e.g. for Facebook). Don't forget to click on Save.

You can have a common footer, a custom footer for some pages, or even hide the footer on some pages, according to your preferences. Navigate to Page Topbar & Footer and select whether you want your page to include a footer.

Do not forget to save your changes by clicking on Save & Close.

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