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How to Update User Details

As an admin, you may have to change or update your user's info and details, such as the Username, Email, Custom sign-up fields and add/remove tags. 

To proceed with such a change:

1. Navigate to UsersAll Users.

2. Scroll down your users or search with filters to find the desired user account.

3. Hover over the three dots under Manage on the user you want and click on Update User.

4. In the sideform that opens, you can proceed with the following actions:

  1. Username: Update the user's username.
  2. Email: Update the user's email address.
  3. Custom sign-up fields: Edit the user's selected options in any custom sign-up field that you have set up on your sign-up form.
  4. Add or remove tags: Add or remove a tag from the user.
  5. Update the consent of the user to receive emails from this school.

5. Hit Update user, to save changes.

Note: In order to update a user's account, the user's email should not already be used by a different user in the school. 

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