Unleash the power of recurring revenue with Subscriptions. Offer subscription packages to your valuable courses and earn more revenue for longer.

1Go to Financial -> Manage Subscriptions from your admin menu.

Here is a sneak preview of the page:

Please have in mind that in order to have subscription plans in your LearnWorld, you have to choose Stripe as your payment gateway. (Financial -> Payment Gateway)

2 To create a new plan, press the "Create subscription plan" button on the topbar of the page.

3 On the next window that opens you can edit your new subscription:

a) Name your Subscription plan. 

b) You can create a new Subscription plan by setting the price and the interval here (time between billing occurrences).

c) Write your Subscription description so learners will know what this plan is all about.

d) Now you can select which courses this subscription will include. 

Warning! Don't forget to click on the "Add course" button! 

e) A subscription can also have a trial period for which you can adjust the trial days.

f) You can either keep this subscription as a draft (not accessible to students) for further editing or make it public.

g) You can specify the order in which your subscription plans will appear in both your plan authoring page and the starting page of your learners.

h) Don't forget to click on the "Save" button otherwise your changes will be discarded. Keep in mind that you can also collect user's credit card before the trial initiates.

4 In the authoring menu of the subscriptions page there are some options as well under the "Actions" column:

- You can further edit an already created plan by clicking on "edit properties". Keep in mind that once you create a subscription plan you cannot edit its URL, price or billing interval (you will have to create a new plan).

- A subscription can become archived which means that it will not be available anymore for future purchase but those already subscribed will keep renewing their subscription as well as having access to the plan. To do that simply click on "archive subscription".

- You can also edit the page of each subscription separately by clicking on "edit subscription page".

5 This is how your subscriptions menu will look to your learners.

-Every subscription plan is a link to the subscription plans page where your learners can see a detailed overview about all your plans.

They select the plan they want and they subscribe to it! Piece of cake right?


- A subscription can also contain private courses which will not be shown at all to those who have not bought them yet.

- Users can be manually enrolled and unenrolled  to subscriptions. For a manually enrolled user, the author also defines the duration of subscription access (the relevant fees are being charged).

- If a user downgrades their subscription plan, the price difference between the 2 plans will remain as credits in the user's account and will be applied to the subscription price for the next billing cycle/renewal. If you wish, you can refund this amount to the user via your Stripe account.