Your revenues in one glance! See who bought what, when, and how. Filter orders by date, course, or search through any text field. You can also see reports on how much revenue each course generates or for each instructor of your school.

1 Go to "Reports Center" - "Sales" - "Orders":

2 Here is how your sales page looks:

For every product in your sales list, you can see the date it was sold, who purchased it, the amount, as well as download the invoice of that sale. Course "Bundles" and "Subscriptions" have a special tag so that they can be distinguished from individual course sales.


3 On the page called "Products revenues", you can see the total sales of every product in your school. Click on the "Products Revenues" page, and all the needed information surrounding your Products Revenues will appear. 

4 You can also see the revenues for every instructor inside your school. Click on the "Instructor Revenues" option on your admin menu to the left side of your screen.

5 You can see information on cancelled sales, in the "Cancelled Sales" page: 

You can filter all those data either by date or by product (course, subscription plan, course bundle).

By Date:

By Product:

Finally, you can export all this information at any time in an Excel or CSV file for further processing and data analysis. 

Who's the best in Sales Page managing? Well by now you of course!