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How to Capture Leads with a Get Email Widget/Email Grabber Section

The Site Builder offers plenty of editor features for you to create the most stunning pages. In this article, you will learn how to add a Get Email widget or Email Grabber section to your pages.

To add a Get Email or Email Grabber widget/section:

1. Go to Site Builder  Edit School Site

2. Choose the page you want to edit from the Pages Manager.

3. Click on the +Add widget if you want to add a Get Email widget individually as an element in your existing sections.

4. Click on the +Add section if you want to add an Email Grabber section under Forms

To further edit your widget/section, click on the Edit form to adjust the following fields on the sideform:

a. You can select the Editing view (Before or After submit) to alter the text that users will see before and after the submission, specify a tag for the users that submit, and choose whether you want to redirect your users to a specific page on submit.

b. You can set an action to be generated after users submit their information in the Email Grabber form. Click on the drop-down menu from the Redirect on submit option. For more information regarding links, you can check this article. This could be ideal if you would like to redirect users, for example, to a Paid Course with Free sections.

For more information on how to offer a freebie as a lead magnet, click here.

c. There is the option to tag your leads based on the email grabber they used to submit their email. This is a great feature if you have email grabbers on different pages or request emails for different uses (sending an ebook or sending a digital file). You can view this subscription detail in your Leads From Pages email list under the section Tag. You can also use the filter menu for tags.


  • You can choose the Get Email/Email Grabber templates that only include email fields,  pick templates that also collect your visitors' First and Last Names, or only First Names.
  • If you use an email integration, such as Mailchimp, you can create a Custom Field for Tags in the Email Grabbers. With the real-time syncing of information to your User Profiles in your email integration, you can push tags and First & Last Names to your email integration and create customized audiences and lists! For more information, you can check this article.
  • You can edit the on Focus colors of the email grabber input by clicking on the Email address Input → Actions → On Focus.
  • You can also add a Get Email Form in a Page Funnel and make sure to select the on-click action "Move to the next funnel step" under On Submit. You will find more details in this here.
  • You can also grab emails via our powerful Marketing Forms as described here and you can further monitor the submitted emails in your Leads from Pages tab.

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