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How to Use Zapier to Connect your LearnWorlds School with 3000+ Apps

Zapier is an online automation tool that can be connected with your LearnWorlds school, so you can focus on your most important tasks. You can now connect your favorite tools (more than 3000 apps) with your LearnWorlds school and make your job much easier.

If you do not already have a Zapier account connected to your School then please read this article.

What is a trigger / What is an action

The Learnworlds Zapier app integration offers numerous Zapier triggers and actions so that you can interact with your favorite applications. A Zap (Zapier Task) usually consists of two or more steps. The first is always a Trigger (event) that is fired from the source system and the following steps are either Search or Actions (would perform an action/creation on the target system). 

The Learnworlds Zapier app has been recently enhanced with many more triggers and actions. Also, the response from LearnWorlds to every step includes much more information about the respective entity: Users, Courses, Products, or Payments.

Note: Click here for Zapier's terminology.

Available Triggers and Actions

Below you can find all the available triggers from LearnWorlds towards other apps via Zapier:

User Enrolled in Product

Triggers when a user is enrolled in a product (free, paid or private course, bundle or subscription).

User Unenrolled from Product

Triggers when a user is enrolled in a product (free, paid or private course, bundle or subscription).

New User

Triggers when a new user is registered.
User Updated
Triggers when a user profile is updated.
Learning Activity Completed
Triggers when a user completes a learning activity.
New CertificateTriggers when a user is awarded a certificate.
Course CompletedTriggers when a user completes a course.
New LeadTriggers when a new email lead is captured.
User Previewed a Free SectionTriggers when a user has previewed a free section of a paid course.

Tag Added

Triggers when a selected tag is added to a user.

Tag RemovedTriggers when a selected tag is removed from a user.
Payment CreatedTriggers when a payment transaction for a purchase (including one-off purchase, subscription payment, or installment of a payment plan) is successfully charged. For a subscription or a payment plan, a new transaction is created for every single payment.
Subscription or Payment Plan CanceledTriggers when a user cancels their subscription or payment plan.
Payment Failed

Triggers when a recurring payment has failed (only for stripe installments and subscriptions).

Subscription UpdatedTriggers when a subscription is updated (either planned for cancellation or renewed, or the selected plan has been updated).
New Enrollment Purchase (Legacy)Triggers when a user is enrolled in or purchases a paid product.
New User (Legacy)Triggers when a new user is registered.
New Certificate (Legacy)

Triggers when a user is awarded a certificate.

New Lead (Legacy)Triggers when a new email lead is captured.
When a form is submittedTriggers when a user fills in a specific form (could be marketing or course-related).

The following are all the actions available on LearnWorlds triggered by other apps via Zapier.



Create User
Adds a new user to the school. If a user with this email already exists, this user will be updated. 
Enroll User in Product
Gives the user access to a product: a course (paid, private) or bundle. If a user with this email already exists in Learnworlds, this user will be enrolled in the selected product. If not, then a new user will be created and then enrolled in the selected product
Unenroll User From Product
Removes access from a course (paid, private) or bundle for the given user.
Add tags to user
Adds one or more tags to a user.
Remove Tags From User
Removes one or more tags from a user.
Find a user
Searches for a user by email or user id.

Enroll User in Product (Legacy)

Gives the user access to a paid course or bundle.
Create User (Legacy)Adds a new user to the school.
Create and Enroll User (Legacy)Adds a new user and also gives access to a paid course or bundle.


  • Zapier enroll/unenroll Actions only supports paid and private courses and paid bundles and does not support subscriptions and free courses.
  • All your pre-existing zaps have been migrated to LearnWorlds and their functioning will not be affected. They will carry a legacy label. Do not use the Legacy versions of the triggers for new zaps as these would be deprecated in the future.

Zap filters

If you wish to act on your users based on their enrollment to a specific LearnWorlds product, you can add a filter action.

When adding a filter to a Zap, as for example in the Trigger User Enrolled in Product to add a filter to categorize the Product, you should use the "Product ID" variable + (Text) Exactly matches + "Product ID". 

Remember when testing a filter, for the test of the filter to work, you will need to create a test user account, enroll in the course you will use in the filter, and then use that test user account as a sample when testing the Trigger.

Zap example

You can find out more on how to create a Zap, in our respective article: How to Create a Zap (Zap example).

Search capabilities

The new Learnworlds Zapier integration comes with a Find User Search Action. This will allow you to retrieve the complete user information by email or ID. This is very handy if you need to update your records or need to communicate with the user to inform or promote products to your Learnworlds users. 

For example, you might want to set up a Zap so that every time you receive five-star feedback via Survey Monkey, you can automatically find the learners who left the feedback and send them an email about an offer to a course or bundle. 

You can check this detailed guide on the Search function of Zapier for more information.

From the above example, it is clear that you may provide more complex scenarios for your Zapier Tasks. For each trigger you set up, you will be able to unlock even multiple sequential steps — including actions, filters, and searches!

Filters are another excellent example of how to target a specific audience. You may want to send an email only to the users that have earned a specific certificate. You can achieve that with a filter that would only allow proceeding to the next step if the certificate has a specific name. 

View and Use Zaps in your LearnWorlds school

We have created a set of Zap templates that you may browse and access from within your School.

Navigate to Settings → Integrations → Zapieand inspect your Zaps.

When clicking on Use this Zap, a new window will pop up where you can connect to your Zapier Account and Create your new Zap.

In case you are not sure what kind of Zaps you are able to create, click here and find out about all of the LearnWorlds integrations available.

Bulk User Actions and Zapier

Our system offers bulk user actions. You would need to be careful with the use of these features. 

For instance, if you have a zap based on the New User trigger and you use a bulk import to import 20000 users that would also result to fire 20000 zaps on your account. Which of course will raise your Zapier costs

You may consider turning off the relevant Zaps in case you are planning to use a Bulk User Action.


  • The LearnWorlds admin account is the only account that is able to connect and manage the Zapier Integration.
  • Zapier "Enroll User in Product" action only supports paid courses and paid bundles and does not support subscriptions, free courses, or private courses. However, if you change an initially Paid course - Private you can override the system since the course will have a price (so in this way, you can use Private courses in Zapier too).

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