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Multiple LearnWorlds Schools

Your organization may need different 'tenants' and user groups, depending on the products you sell and to which audience. A 'tenant' is a group of users that shares certain common features with other tenants but may have certain privileges that are unique to their group.

A multi-tenancy environment refers to various and separate organizational needs, and could include:

1. Different learning groups with different training needs.

2. Different training departments across a large organization, i.e. separate learning environments for Sales or Support teams, because their training needs are different. 

3. External partners (B2B), with tailored needs for their group of users.

If you would like to separate your tenants and keep each audience dedicated to one environment, you need to have multiple LearnWorlds schools. To create your online schools, you can create a trial account here.

On the Learning Center plan or above, it is feasible to clone your content between schools (such as Pages, Courses, Site settings, etc). To proceed with such an action, you can send us your request at

Below, you will find information on why you need different schools for each 'tenant' and group, and how to adjust the related settings. 

Site Language

If your users are from different geographic segmentations, and you would like to keep social components in your School such as the Community or Learning apps dedicated to each language, then you can create multiple schools and set different languages for each entity. For more information on how to edit the Site Language of your school, you can check this article

Moreover, you can link the schools via the Site Builder, by creating for example a dropdown menu in your Topbar with all the available Languages.

Or you can even add a Section template on your Home Page, with Images and Text, to upload the Country flags and make it more visual. You can then click on each image and add a URL redirection to the relevant school.

Learning Apps

Learning Apps, such as the Community, Daily News, Best Resources, and People Directory can be dedicated to each user group for consistency. For example, if a school focuses on Design & Art courses and the audience group enrolled in that school is focused on that subject, then you can keep your Learning Apps dedicated to that content, to increase and maintain engagement. 

School Brand and Theme 

Each school can have one active Site Flavor/ Template. If your courses aim at different audience groups, such as Doctors, Teachers, Engineers, etc and you would like to create different Themes on the course player and your school pages for each group, then it's best to create different schools and adjust the colors and templates according to your audience.


If you are selling to corporate clients, then they would like to keep their users organized and avoid any interaction with users outside their company. In that perspective, it's best to have a school dedicated to this client, according to their needs and the user policy, to keep reports dedicated to that group, as well as the School Navigation adjusted on those students. If nevertheless, you would like to keep one school for your B2B clients, you can check this article on how to categorize your groups better. 

Note: To access your schools, you need to login into each learning environment separately. For more information on how to login as an admin, you can check this article.

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