Do you already have a Shopify online store for selling physical products? Would you like to expand into selling online courses? Taking advantage of our Shopify integration you can use LearnWorlds for fulfilling any online course purchases of your Shopify online store. 

Using the Shopify integration, your Learners will have the opportunity to buy your courses either via your Shopify front-end or via your Learnworlds school. If a Learner buys a course via LearnWorlds they will be redirected to your Shopify checkout page with the user's email pre-filled, and the course already added to the shopping basket. 

1 Click on Settings -> Financial -> Payment Gateway and click on the Shopify option.

2 Fill-out your Shopify URL (ending with and click on Install.

Note: make sure that you delete https:// from your Shopify URL.

3 Υou will be redirected to your Shopify Login page to verify your account. Type your Shopify account credentials and click on Log in.

4 You have successfully connected your Shopify store to your LearnWorlds online school. All you need to do is synchronize your courses (i.e. load your courses from LearnWorlds onto your Shopify store), by clicking on Sync.

5 A confirmation prompt will be displayed. Click Sync to start the synchronization process.

6 When the synchronization process finishes you will be informed about the products Added/Updated. 

Note: You have to synchronize with your Shopify Store every time you upload or change a course in your LearnWorlds school. If you publish a new course or make any changes to the title/price of an existing course, click on Sync in order for the changes to reflect in your Shopify store. 

7 Activate Shopify. 

Note: If you choose to connect Shopify as your Payment gateway, then it will not be feasible to also offer your courses via the additional Payment Gateway options we offer. You will only be able to sell your courses via Shopify. 

Shopify Settings - After purchase navigation

1 Customer Accounts required

You should set the customers' account logins as required. Click on Settings -> Checkout, and select the Accounts are required option under Customer accounts.

2 After Purchase Navigation

If you wish to redirect your customers back to LearnWorlds after a purchase is made, click on Settings -> Checkout, in your Shopify account. Under Additional Scripts, add the following (make sure to alter with your LearnWorlds school URL, including the https://, followed by the slash symbol /):

<script> window.location ="";</script>

Note: By adding the specific script, all of your Shopify customers (including the customers of any Physical Products you offer via Shopify) will be redirected to LearnWorlds. 

Promotions (Coupons)

Shopify supports its own coupon codes (the ones that you have created in your Shopify account) and the built-in coupon codes of your school are not valid - you need to share with your users the Shopify coupon codes. 

Note: You may create coupons with the same code on both LearnWorlds and Shopify. When a user applies a coupon code on LearnWorlds, then this would automatically be applied on the Shopify checkout. You will need to create and maintain the same coupons on both systems, manually.