Do you already have a Shopify online store for selling physical products? Would you like to expand into selling online courses? Then LearnWorlds is the elearning platform for you. Taking advantage of our Shopify integration you can use LearnWorlds for fulfilling any online course purchases of your Shopify online store. 

The process is straightforward and quite simple: Using the Shopify integration,  your Learners will have the opportunity to buy your courses either via your Shopify front-end or via your Learnworlds school. When a Learner purchases a course via shopify, he/she will be automatically redirected into the platform, ready to study the course. On the other hand, if the Learner buys a course via LearnWorlds he/she will be redirected to your shopify checkout page, with the course already added in the shopping basket. When the Learner finalizes the purchase he/she will be sent back to the LearnWorlds school, ready to study the course.

Following the easy steps below you will be able to integrate/synchronize your Shopify store with your LearnWorld.

1 At the Admin menu at the left click on Financial -> Payment Gateway.

2 Then, click on the "shopify" option.

3 Fill-out your Shopify URL (ending with and click on the "Install" button. (Note: make sure that you delete https:// from your Shopify URL)

4 Automatically, you will be redirected to your Shopify Login page to verify your account. Type your shopify account credentials and click the "Log in" button.

5 Now you have successfully connected your Shopify store to your LearnWorlds online school. All you need to do is synchronize your courses (i.e. load your courses from LearnWorlds onto your shopify store)  To "Synchronize" your Shopify store with your LearnWorld courses click on the "Sync" button below.

6 A confirmation prompt will be displayed. Click "Sync" to start the synchronization process.

7 When the synchronization process finishes you will be informed about the products Added/Updated. Just click Ok.

8 To save your "Financial settings" click "Save" at the top right of your screen.

Note: You have to synchronize your LearnWorld with Shopify Store every time you upload or change a course in your LearnWorld. For example, if you publish a new course or make a change to the title/price of an existing course, you should click the "Sync" button in order for the changes to reflect in your Shopify store. Also, you should set the customers account logins as required.

To do this:

1) From your Shopify admin, click on "Settings" and then click on "Checkout".

2) In the Customer accounts section, click on the third choice.