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How to Manage your Login/Sign up Settings

Your School offers three methods to authenticate your users:

  • Learnworlds - the built-in authentication mechanism; sign up, sign in, and password reset is handled by your school, which will be discussed in this article. Your users will also be able to register and log in using Social Logins
  • Custom SSO URL - this option is for school owners who want to use the WordPress Learnworlds SSO plugin or implement a custom SSO solution according to the Learnworlds SSO Guide. This setup handles sign-up, sign-in, and password reset by your WordPress or the custom authentication implemented. Available for our Learning Center plans or higher.
  • SAML - organizations that already have their own Identity Provider (IDP) may set up this option to connect their Learnworlds school with their IDP. The IDP will handle all the user’s sign-up/creation, sign-in, and password reset (available in our Learning Center plans or higher). How to Set up SSO for your Users with almost any Identity Provider (using SAML)

The SSO mechanism utilizes the user’s email to identify the user; therefore, to change the user's email address, you will need to update the new email both in your school and on your external identity provider.

For LearnWorlds authentication mechanism, Click on Site Builder Sign in/up/out and activate LearnWorlds.

Login process

You have two options regarding the login process:


  • If you want anyone to be able to login into your school, you can choose "Login is enabled for everyone".
  • If you want to disable the login setting, you can click on "Login is disabled. Only admins can log in. Νο one can sign up", and only users with admin accounts will be able to login into your school.

When a user other than the admin tries to login, they will receive the Login has been disabled message.

Sign up process

You have the ability to specify whether the users will be able to sign up for your school according to your convenience. You have three choices:


  • Allow anyone to sign up.
  • Let the signing up open to anyone only by buying a product first through a payment page.
  • Disable the sign-up field and add your users only manually.


  • In case you have selected "Login is disabled. Only admins can log in. No one can sign up" in the Login Process; the choices "Anyone can sign up" and "Anyone can sign up, however, only by buying a product first through a payment page" will be disabled too. Since you have chosen to disable the login process to your school, no one will also be able to sign up, so "No one can sign up. I will add my users manually" will be enabled by default.

  • The text for the login and sign-up form can be easily changed, if you wish so, by navigating in your admin menu and clicking on Settings Site Language
  • If you enable the Sign-up process through a payment page, please note that even though the product payment may fail after your payment gateway process the transaction (e.g., card declined or insufficient funds), the user will be created in your School, with no access to the Product.
  • If you enable the Sign-up process through a payment page, the social sign-ups on the payment page and in your login form will not function (giving the message "Registration prohibited"). This happens because, for social sign-ups, the account needs to be created before the purchase, as the user can then cancel the purchase and it would override the setting.


Disable Sign in/up buttons

In case you decide to disable sign-in/up buttons, you can share the below strings at the end of your school's URL to trigger the sign-in or sign-up form manually:

  •  /?msg=not-logged-in
  • /?msg=signup

So e.g. you will need to type this link in case you have a custom domain (replace "yourschool" with the name of your school), to log in to your school. Accordingly, you need to follow this link to sign up.

Social Logins and Sign up fields

For the Sign-up fields and Social logins, you can check our relevant article


  • You need to use the LearnWorlds admin, to set up Custom SSO URL or SAML to your school; in case you misconfigure your setup, then only this account will be able to sign in to your school.
  • If you wish to use our built-in Affiliate Management program, you should consider not using the SSO solution since it will not be feasible to use this feature and track sales.
  • If you're using Custom SSO or SAML as an authentication method, it's mandatory to change the Site Navigation settings in the Payment Flow section for Logged-out users, as they will need to sign up/log in before proceeding to the payment page.

  • If you select Custom SSO or SAML (external IDP), the password update/reset functionality will not be available. Also, you will need to ensure that in all Payment Sections, the Sign in/up form option is set to hide since the user will not be able to sign in/up via the Learnworlds system.

Force Logout

You can enable the setting "Force Logout" to automatically log out users from your school if they remain idle for too long. This also applies to mobile app users if you have published an app in the stores.

  • Idle Time - Decide how many minutes of inactivity the user will be considered idle.
  • Pre-logout message duration - Set the duration you want the notification message to be displayed if users have met the idle time criteria. In mobile apps, this message will not be displayed. 

Password Protection Settings

Password Options - You can choose whether users can unmask their password while typing it.  You can also enable the "confirm password" field for users to retype their password during signup/password reset".

Password Strength - You can choose whether the password will need to include at least one upper case, one lower case, one special character, and/or a number.

You can see below the users' view during the Sign-up process if you enable all the password settings:

Disable Multiple Sessions

You can prohibit multiple concurrent sessions from the same user, where only the last login session will remain active (previous sessions will be disconnected).


LearnWorlds integrates with reCAPTCHA v3, which verifies requests with a score to protect you against spam and other types of automated abuse. You will find more in this article.

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