If you need to un-publish a page (draft) and replace it with a new one, you are reading the right article. 

If you wonder how to keep a page hidden before publishing it for everyone to see, you are reading the right article, again. Let me show how you can do it with these easy steps:

Go to “Site Builder” - “Edit School Site": 

2Find the page you want to publish/un-publish, by navigating to the "Pages Manager"

3Hover over “Status” and click to change the status of the page, either from published to draft or vice-versa.

4And don’t forget to click "Ok" on the change status message! 

This setting can be extremely useful when you want to replace your school’s landing page with a temporary one. You can read more about this here

That’s all! Now you know how to publish or un-publish pages whenever you need to. :-)