If you need to un-publish a page and replace it with a new one, you are reading the right article. 

If you wonder how to keep a page hidden before publishing it for everyone to see, you are reading the right article, again!


Let me show how you can do it with these easy steps:

1From your Admin Menu go to “All pages” → “All pages Manager”

2Find the page you want to publish/un-publish, hover over the manage icon and then click on the “Page Properties” gear icon.

3Find the “Publish” Setting and tick it to set a page to public or untick it to render it inaccessible.

4And don’t forget to scroll down and click "Save"! 

This setting can be extremely useful for when you want to replace your school’s landing page with a temporary one. You can read more about this here

That’s all! Now you know how to publish or un-publish pages whenever you need to. :-)