There are several reasons why you might want to replace your school's normal landing page with a new, or temporary one.
Perhaps you are still working on your school and you are not ready yet to welcome your first learners. Wouldn't it be nice if you could show an "under construction" page? Or you are about to launch and want to show a "coming soon" page; you can even add a countdown timer to get your users all fired up or a "pre-launch" zone to have users subscribe in order to get notified for your launch. You might even want to create a special landing page for a special occasion such as a Black Friday promotion or the launch of a new course.

LearnWorlds makes it very easy to "hide" your current landing page and replace it with a temporary one. Here is the process:

1 From your Admin menu navigate to "All pages" and click on "All pages Manager".

2 You will notice that there are different "Types" of pages you can have. Currently, your home page has the Type "home".

3 You can duplicate your home page if you hover over the pencil icon on the right side and click on "Duplicate Page".

4 Hover over the pencil icon in the duplicated Home Page and click on the "Page properties" button.

5 In the window that pops-up make sure you select "home" from the drop-down menu and uncheck the boxes of the topbar and footer. Once you are done, kindly click on "Save" or "Save & Edit" if you want to be redirected to page authoring in order to change the templates of your new landing page (you can delete the ones that already exist and set new ones like a prelaunch template).

6 In case you want to make sure that there will be no sign-ups in your school you can navigate from your admin menu to "Settings" and then click "Login".

7 In the field "Sign-up process" just select "No one can sign up. I will add my users manually.".

In this way, no one will have access to your school and they will see only the "prelaunch" landing page you have created and you will have all the time you want to prepeare your school.

Once you want to revert back to your previous Home page, simply follow the same process as shown above but this time for the default home page.

Kindly know that in case you remove the top bar too (and the sign-up button on it) you will have to add this string at the end of your URL /?msg=not-logged-in so you will need to follow this link or or or (in case you have a custom domain) in order to log in to your school (kindly replace "yourschool" with the name of your school).