The LearnWorlds course player is a place where students will feel like being in a classroom, watching all the learning material unfold and change right before their eyes. They can engage in discussions throughout the learning process, raise questions, answer tests and exams, and much more… 

How to access the Course player

Finding the Course player is a piece of cake for administrators and even easier for learners!

As an administrator, all you have to do is first get to the course you want to view in the course player. There you can either click on the "Preview course player" magnifying glass on your authoring top bar.

...or select to directly preview a particular learning unit in the course player by clicking on the Preview button right next to it.

From the perspective of a learner, your students will simply either have to click on the relevant learning unit they wish to preview in a given course or click on “Continue” to be redirected into the course player. Doing that, they will continue straight from the last learning unit they have visited.

How to navigate through the Course Player

Once inside the course player, you will be able to distinguish two separate parts of the player on your screen:

a The left-side control panel which holds all the buttons, levers, and hinges you will need to navigate through the course content.

b The right-side unit display area, where each learning unit selected is displayed.

Now, let’s get a closer look at the buttons and options offered in the left side control panel:

Your learners will be able to see the learning Path they will be following for this course including all sections and their learning units,

Check on the rest of the Learners also enrolled in the same course (the first 150 users in alphabetical order):

Enter the course Discussion where they can engage in conversations with other learners and actively be part of the community of the course.

They can skip onto the next learning unit or backtrack to a previous one for revision,

Identify which Section is available or not

See which units have been reviewed so far

And even hide the whole panel if you want to only see the unit display area

With the LearnWorlds course player, you can easily transform any course into the best eLearning experience for your learners. Watch your content being displayed in a user-friendly and welcoming environment with stunning previewing quality and a supportive community. You can customize the appearance of your course player, in the respective article