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How to Create a Self-Assessment (Non-Graded)

 Are you an existing customer but do not see the new Assessment Builder yet? Don’t worry we expect to release it to everyone by the beginning of July.

When creating a new Assessment learning activity, you have the option to create a self-assessment from scratch by inserting your own questions. A non-graded assessment serves as a refresher for learners, facilitates the revision of a particular lesson, and responses are also stored in your school.

To create non-graded assessments:

1. Go to Courses → select your course.

2. Add activity → select Assessment.

3. Navigate to Start from ScratchSelf Assessment.

4. Click on the Edit Assessment button in order to access the Assessment Editor.

The structure of your assessment consists of the starting screen which can include an introduction to the questionnaire, organized sections with non-graded questions, and the ending screen, which appears once a user submits their assessment You can also add widgets to display information for example in Text or Image widgets. For more information on how to further customize the assessment's structure, you can check this article.

To add questions and further customize the content of the questionnaire, you can click on the +Add question button.

When creating non-graded assessment templates, the Scoring settings on the right side form will be disabled, as well as the Gradebook.

After you finish the content of the assessment, you can navigate to the Settings and edit them according to this article.

As soon as your users start submitting assessments, their answers will be stored in your School. You can check their responses by navigating to the "Responses" setting in the learning activity. For the needed steps, you can check this article


  • To customize the design and layout of the assessment, you can check this article.
  • For graded assessments, you can check this article.

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