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How to Migrate to LearnWorlds

In LearnWorlds, we try to make it as easy as possible to migrate from a different course platform to your LearnWorlds school. You will be up and running in no time, with a school that serves all your existing users and is ready to receive more.

Create your school

Create your courses

Tip: Have a look at the basic steps of building and launching your school here

Import your users

Enroll users in courses

  • Manually enroll users in their courses. 
  • If you have a large number of users/enrollments, you can bulk enroll them (available on the Learning Center plan or higher).

Note: If you have selected the Starter plan, enrollment fees might apply for course enrollments.

Importing subscribers from Stripe [Paid service]

If your existing school (or membership site) uses Stripe subscriptions and you have active subscribers, then we might be able to help as well. We can assign your existing subscribers to new subscription plans (which will correspond to a set of courses). The users would be assigned to the subscription but not charged yet. Instead, they are given a trial period until the next renewal date. When the trial period has ended, the system will request the users to enter their credit card details to continue with the subscription.

In this case, these are the steps you need to follow:

1. Set up Stripe as one of your payment gateways in LearnWorlds.

2. Create your new subscription plans in LearnWorlds (see how here).

3. Import your users/subscribers to LearnWorlds (see how here).

4. Send us a list (.xls file), containing all your currently active subscribers that you wish to bulk enroll. We will make sure that each one of them gets enrolled in the indicated LearnWorlds subscription plan.

The .xls file should contain the following columns:

1. Username. 

2. Email.

3. LearnWorlds' subscription plan ID.

4. Next renewal date, under yyyy-mm-dd format (ex. 2022-01-17)

5. Add tags. If you want the user to be added in more than one tags, the tags should be separated by the semicolon ";" without spaces.

Migration details

  • For subscribed users: Users will be assigned a number of trial days, based on their subscription’s next renewal date, thus getting charged the date they normally would. In order for them to authorize their new subscription charge, they will need to insert their billing information from within their Account page.
  • For school admin(s): You should cancel your users' old subscription plans before the next renewal date, to avoid double charging your users.

Note: LearnWorlds does not provide the feasibility to migrate your existing Stripe subscriptions to LearnWorlds.

Service cost

Subscriptions' migration is a paid service. You will need to contact us at for additional information.

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