1 When an author creates a bundle and sets it as public, a relevant card is automatically created on the starting page. 

2 And when a learner clicks on this card, they are redirected to the bundle page where they can see more details about the particular bundle (e.g. the various courses that it includes).

3 If the author goes to Marketing tools -> Manage Bundles, he/she basically enters the page where all the school's bundles are listed.

4 At the record of the created bundle there is a button named "edit bundle page" that if clicked, redirects to the innovative pages builder so that the default bundles page can be edited.

5 From the sidepanel on the right, the author can insert and edit the templates he/she wants and create his/her own custom bundle page.

So in general, there is a default bundle page, but authors can edit it so as to create their own version.