In this article, we are going to show you how you can customize everything about the appearance of your course player. See how you can give the course your own feel. 

In your Admin menu, select the course of your choice and choose the “Course Player” tab:

To begin with, you can choose the course player skin you like. It is straightforward. You have 5 different choices. The colored minimal, the classic, the minimal and 2 more for courses with one single activity, the minimal, and the dark one skin.

After that, you have a lot of options to customize your course player.

1 Show the course name in the course player.

You can choose to either show the course title as below:

or hide it:

2Show a "Back to course page" button

You can provide an easy way for learners to find their way back to the course description page.

Or if you prefer you can choose to hide it:

3Show students' progress with a progress bar

The progress bar presents the percentage of the learning units that are considered completed. You can choose if you want to show or hide it! 

4Show all the course learners

A "Learners" tab shows up next to the "Path" tab. This tab presents all the enrolled learners as links and motivates them to connect.

If you choose to hide it the tab won’t be visible at all.

5Show the course discussion tab

Do you want your learners to be able to discuss your course topics? 

Likewise, if you don’t choose this option, the tab won’t be visible at all.

6Display the whole titles of sections even if they need multiple lines (wrapping)

If you check this tick box, the entire titles of your sections will appear no matter how large they are. 

If you don’t choose this option, titles will appear in one line with an ellipsis (...) at the end.

7Display the whole titles of learning units even if they need multiple lines (wrapping) 

Likewise, you have the same option for the unit titles. If you choose this setting, the full titles will appear no matter how long they are.

On the other hand, If you do not want wrapping, titles will appear in one line with an ellipsis (...) at the end.

8Display the estimated reading time of the ebooks:

9 Dispaly the course loads, show all course sections “opened” not just the current one

If you select this setting, all the sections will be opened and show the learning units they contain. 

Otherwise, only the selected section will be opened, and the other sections will be collapsed like in the picture below.

10Add numbers automatically in front of the sections' names

This setting allows you to choose if you want numbers to appear in the section name. 

If you want to skip numbers between sections or do not want numbers at all, you should disable this option.