There are many different styles of schools and even within them, there are many different styles of courses. Even though your school's brand should be prominent everywhere on your site, there is no harm in indulging yourself with some beautiful sections that will perfectly flatter your courses' layout page.

Learnworlds offers a wide variety of customizable options that you can use to give the index of your course's content a breath of fresh air. Before showing you those sections, let us show you how you can set them up.

Note: The settings below are optional and will work for selected templates. Adding descriptions to your sections and/or pictures to your learning activities isn't needed to add the “Course Contents” sections.

Also, kindly note that sections that have been set in “Draft” and “Soon” modes will not be visible to your users.

Course Sections 

By navigating to the "Contents" tab of your courses and clicking on the highlighted button, a new side-menu appears:

In this field, you can add a description for the "Your Contents" sections that will appear in specific Course Contents sections.

Don't forget to click on the "Save" button to save all the changes.

Learning Activities

You can have individual pictures for your learning activities that will appear in specific “Course Contents” sections. To do that, hover over a learning activity and then click on the "Settings" tab as shown below:

In the side menu that appears, click on the "Upload" button and add your image:

Don't forget to click on the "Save" button to save all the changes.

Course's Content Sections

1 Visit your course’s layout page and click on “Edit Page” :

You can also click on “Site Builder” - “Edit School site” :

And navigate to the course’s layout page (or any other page), via the drop-down menu :

2 Click on “Add Section”:

3 While on the Course layout page, click on “For this Course Page” - “Course Contents” and choose the ”Course Contents” section you wish:

Note that you can find the “Course contents” sections under “Products” as well. If you add this section on a non Course Layout page, you will need to select the course you want, in order to display the contents. 

Once the section is added, you can alter it by clicking on the “Layout” button at the left corner of the section:


  • The Learning Unit background image will appear only in the selected sections, shown below:

  • The Section Description field, appears in the majority of the sections, with only exceptions the last two available options:

When you click on the course contents box, you can select a different course, or you can further customize your section, by choosing to hide/show the sections’ Access labels, numbering, drip feed labels, and activities appearance:

That's it!