ConvertKit is one of the most famous e-mail marketing tools and is highly preferred mostly by users that want to create automated email campaigns and  dynamic email notifications with custom tags. With ConvertKit you will be able to also sync your collected leads and school users to your custom ConvertKit email lists.

If you are interested in connecting your school with one of the available email integrations, you should first navigate to "Settings" - "Integrations" - "Email Marketing":

1Navigate to the respective tab and click on the “Activate” checkbox. After doing that you will notice that there will appear some new fields: “ConvertKit API key” and  “ConvertKit API Secret”

2 In order to fill these fields open your ConvertKit account and navigate to “Account Settings”…

..and then to “ Account Info”. There initially copy (ctrl + C) the API key(1) paste it to the respective field and then click on “Show” (2)

Return to your school and paste them to respective fields and click "Save"

3 After having successfully activated your ConvertKit account, it is time to inform your school about your ConvertKit forms ( learn how easy it is to create ConvertKit forms here). Click on the “Get my ConvertKit Forms” button


Select the lists to which your users or the collected leads should be added by selecting one from the drop-down menus.

Note: In order to avoid sending confirmation emails to your users, be sure that you have left unchecked the “Send Incentive Email” option in the form settings.

4 After activating the ConvertKit integration for the first time in your school or before running a new campaign, remember to send all your lists’ info to ConvertKit by clicking on the respective button.

Note: On a daily basis at 6 am UTC, your lists are synchronized automatically. However, you can click on "Send everything to CovertKit"  in case you want to update your lists during the day (and they will have all the latest info about your LearnWorlds users, leads, and their courses).

5 By sending everything to ConvertKit you also update the “Custom Fields” needed to create advanced segments for your email marketing. Learn how to add these tags to your ConvertKit lists here.

 We would suggest first setting up the custom fields in your account and then to proceed to the sync of the users with your school.