With your LearnWorlds school, not only you enlighten your students with your valuable knowledge, but you can also create a small interactive community. Your learners will be able to discuss with you and with each other about your courses and by creating groups or communicating with private messages. Share your thoughts with all the school users or create separate discussions for each course or for each learning unit. Social settings are under your control, letting you set the level of communication your learner will have and deciding whether the discussions will be visible to all or to specific types of students. Take a look at a bunch of choices we offer you!

1 Click on Settings - Community Access :

2Let’s see together now the variety of choices you have for your own Social Network! 

1. School community

Let your learners discuss issues, exchange ideas and tips, share their experiences and advice within a community of practice. You can:

  • Make the school community accessible to any user:

  • Let only the enrolled users (users that have been enrolled to one or more courses in your school) use the social community and decide what to do with un-enrolled ones.

Redirect them to any other page, course, or Bundle, by choosing an option from the drop-down menu...

...or send an alert message instead!

  • Maybe you do not wish to offer a school community at all.

2.Groups Creation

Now,  users in your school can create private groups and invite other users to be part of it. This option though, is NOT available if in the school community settings you have already disabled the accessibility to your community to everyone. 

With Groups Creation settings, you can:

  • Let anyone create groups

  • Allow only your school’s administrators to create a group and not any other users.

  • Deactivate group creation for all users.

3. Course Discussion

Let your learners discuss course issues, exchange ideas, and tips about a particular unit, or even share their experiences.

With Course Discussion settings, you can:

  • Make any posts of your students’ course discussion visible to any user of your school, through the School community, regardless if they are enrolled in the course or not.

  • Hide any course discussion posts from your school community and let them private, only for the course members to see.

  • Deactivate Discussions completely.

4.Discussion Level

Which is the discussion level you will set for your school? These settings will help you decide, whether you will:

  • Provide your school’s users with a different discussion for each learning activity

  • or a common discussion for the whole course.


5. Messenger (Inbox)

Now, you can determine whether you want your learners to be able to discuss through your school's inbox or not. What is more, you can set the exact level of communication learners will have through their school’s Inbox.

With Messenger settings, you can:

  • Let your learners send messages to anyone.

  • Let your learners send messages to admins only.

  • Deactivate any private communication. Kindly note that in this case, no notification/email for badges, certifications, etc. will be sent to the users either.

You are now ready to create the most controlled yet interactive and educational School Network, which will not only help you share your knowledge with your students easier but will also make them feel more active and connected to each other!

Let’s see how useful the above settings can be, by examining Alice and Bob’s schools.

Alice is a stand-up comedian, interested in sharing her talent with new wanna-be comedians, so she needs a school through which her students can be connected with each other, active, and kept up to date on any posts or activity in the community! The best tactic for her is to let the community page open for anyone ( a), to give the ability to create a group to all students (b), to share the Course Discussion with the whole Community (enrolled and unenrolled students)(c) who will have access to any posts of the course. Since the connection is the key for Alice’s school she should also allow internal communication among users, to share their thoughts or ideas with their classmates through the school’s messenger.

Alice’s Social Setting should then look like this:

On the contrary, Bob, a successful psychologist and “life coach” , has created a school to help anyone letting their personal issues to stall their success in life. His students need privacy and concentration, so Bob has to protect and guide them to their personal well being without any distractions. What Bob should do is to totally deactivate the Community page (a) and the Course discussions (c) and definitely allow them to message only to the admins and not to each other.

Here is how Bob’s Social settings should be:

What about your school? Have you decided yet about your own Social network? What are you waiting for, jump in!