If you want to use LearnWorlds with a custom domain, follow the instructions below to create a CNAME DNS record that will point your chosen URL (www.yourschool.com) to your LearnWorlds school URL (yourschool.learnworlds.com). Note that this process might take up to 24 hours for newly-purchased domains. Once you add this CNAME DNS record please send us an email (support@learnworlds.com) informing us about the domain you want to use, so that we can finalize the transfer of your site.

What is a CNAME record? A CNAME, or Canonical Name, is an entry within the Domain Name System (DNS) that specifies where someone can find your web pages. You'll use the CNAME to associate your custom domain with your LearnWorlds site. After registering your domain, decide if you want to use a particular subdomain for your LearnWorld. For example, academy.yourschool.com instead of www.yourschool.com.

Create a CNAME record: Each hosting service has a slightly different way to create CNAME records. When in doubt, check with the particular company you're using for additional instructions.

  1. GoDaddy
  2. 1and1
  3. Bluehost
  4. Namecheap
  5. Other Hosting Services

Is Godaddy your hosting provider?

1 First of all, go to the GoDaddy website and Sign In your account.

2 When you are logged in, you will see the "My products" tab -> "Domains". Go to the domain that you want to add the CNAME DNS record and click on the "DNS" button.

3 In the "Records" field click on the "ADD" button.  

4 In the new tab that pops-up click on the drop-down menu and select the "CNAME" option.

5 Once you select the "CNAME" option, you will have to add "www" in the "Host" field (please note that in case you want to use another subdomain, e.g. if you want to use academy.yourschool.com you have to replace "www" with "academy" as the "Host") and add the domain of your LearnWorlds school e.g. "yourschool.learnworlds.com" or "yourschool.getlearnworlds.com" or "yourschool.mylearnworlds.com" and click on the "Save" button. NOTE: In case there is already an existing CNAME DNS record with "www" as the host you can edit the existing entry by clicking the "pencil" icon and then insert the domain of your LearnWorlds school e.g. "yourschool.learnworlds.com" or "yourschool.getlearnworlds.com" or "yourschool.mylearnworlds.com" and click on the "Save" button. However, if the "www" is pointing to another live website  (and not to "@"),  the change in the "points to" field will affect the site and will not be reachable anymore.

6 Your new CNAME entry is ready.

You have just successfully created a CNAME DNS record that points your custom domain to your LearnWorlds school. Kindly notify us via email (support@learnworlds.com) in order to finalize the process. 

Note: You may have to wait up to 24 hours for your changes to take effect.

Is 1AND1 your hosting provider?

  1. Log in to your account at https://admin.1and1.com.
  2. Click Domains->Domain Center.
  3. Click on Domain Name
  4. Click on Subdomain Overview
  5. Go to New and create a subdomain
  6. Enter your subdomain. For example, if you choose www.mydomain.com for your LearnWorlds' address, enter www.
  7. Click OK.
  8. Select the checkbox next to the subdomain that you will be using.
  9. From the "DNS" menu, select Edit DNS Settings.
  10. Select CNAME.
  11. In the "Alias" section, enter the URL of your school e.g. "yourschool.learnworlds.com" or "yourschool.getlearnworlds.com" or "yourschool.mylearnworlds.com". Click on "I read and Agree" and then click "Save"

Is Bluehost your hosting provider?

Follow the steps shown in this video

Is Namecheap your hosting provider?

Follow the steps shown in this article

Connect your LearnWorld's site with other hosting services

  1. Log in to your account on your hosting service's website.
  2. Go to the DNS management page.
  3. Since CNAME records are special Domain Name Service (DNS) records, they may be in sections like "DNS Management" or "Name Server Management." It's possible that you will have to turn on advanced settings to create a CNAME record.
  4. Before entering a new CNAME record to point to your Learnworlds site, delete any existing entries for the same alias. If you plan to transfer an existing web address to LearnWorlds, you may want to copy any content currently at that address elsewhere first.
  5. Use the following information when you create your CNAME record.
  • Host Name/Alias: www
    • This is the part of your website's address that you designated. For example, if www.mydomain.com is your address, enter www
  • Value/Destination: yourschool.learnworlds.com or yourschool.getlearnworlds.com or yourschool.mylearnworlds.com (depending on your LearnWorlds school)