Using LearnWorld platform you have the opportunity to pre-sell your course. So learners can enroll and wait for the full course content to be published. In that way, you will become more sure about the popularity of your course when it will be available. It's a good strategy to sell your course with a discount in the pre-sell and change the price when it is fully released so you will become more attractive for pre-sell.

Here are some easy steps you have to follow to start pre-selling your course.

1 Click on the "Create course" button to create your first pre-selling course.

2 Give a Course Title...

...and a course URL. We recommend to use a keyword in your course title such "Presell" so your learners are aware that it is not a full version of your course.

3 Then, click on the access type of your course.

4 Now set a price to your pre-sell course. Choose the paid option so your learners can start enrolling and set the Normal price when the course will be full and the Discount price for those who will be enrolled before the release date. 

5 Add an image representing your course and fill in the description before moving forward.

6 You are ready to publish your first PreSell course. Just click "OK, I am done" button to finish the process.

Concerning the content of your course, it is recommended to upload an introductory video so your learners will be informed about the course. 

Or you can leave it blank. Either way, don't forget to hit that "Save" button for every change you make.

When the time comes to release just upload the full content of your course and set the full price. Your already learners in pre-selling period will have full access and the new learners will have to pay the full price.

You are done!