“Drip-feeding” is just a fancy way of saying, “scheduled lesson delivery”. In a drip feed course, you can essentially organize the timely release of your content (each section) so that it doesn’t become available to your students all at once immediately following they sign up.

To drip feed your course, follow these steps:

1 Go into the given course and select the "Access" tab. Scroll a bit further until you find the Drip Feed section as shown below.

2 Enable the Drip feed and select the type that best suits your course flow.

Drip by date

If you want to publish your content for all learners on a specific day this is the best choice. Unlock course contents on specific dates regardless of the time students enrolled. All students will acquire access to the learning material at the same time.

Drip by days

You can choose this option when you need to make your content available after a fixed amount of time respectively to learners’ enrollment date. This unlocks course contents based on the date the student started the course (i.e. 1 week, 2 weeks). Each student will get access to the learning material separately.

3 Remember to hit save.

See how you can use the Drip Feed feature to the maximum here!

Note: the drip-feed section is unlocked and the email is sent at 00:00 based on the timezone of your school Make sure to set up the drip-feed section/notification at least 24 hours before the unlock (otherwise the email notification will not be sent)