Adding a PDF into your course is one of the easiest procedures in your LearnWorlds school. Just follow the steps and within less than two minutes you will have your pdf uploaded!

1 Choose the course you would like to upload your PDF file and click on “Add an activity”.

2 Click on the “Pdf” button at the Multimedia learning unit tab.

3 Fill out the ‘Title’ and click on the "Save" button.

4 Then, hover over the new learning unit and click on the "Settings" button.

5 In the side form that appears, you can fill out the title and the “number of pages” fields of your pdf learning unit and click on the “Select pdf” button to upload your pdf.

6 Browse your hard disk and select the pdf file you would like to upload. Kindly make sure that the title of the PDF file is written using Latin characters. Then click “Open”

7 Just wait for a few seconds until the pdf file upload has finished (uploading might take up to 5 minutes depending on the file size). When the uploading has finished click on the “Save” button.

8 This is it! Your pdf learning unit has been added to your course.

You are done!

Please note that supported are pdf files up to 10 MB and only Latin characters in the title of the pdf file (special characters like â, è, ü etc are not supported).